Boxes for bracelets: elegant solutions for your products

To Be Packing is a specialized manufacturing company of high-quality solutions for jewelry, including a wide range of bracelet boxes. Discover our proposals and the features that make them unique.

The range of the products offered is characterized by elegant and functional solutions that adapt to the needs of any company that wants to make the most of its products.


What distinguishes our bracelet boxes?

A box manufactured by To Be Packing can be recognized at the first touch.


The materials used for producing our bracelet boxes are of the highest quality and ensure maximum protection of the jewel.

The focus on design and functionality is another distinctive feature of our bracelet boxes. Thanks to the use of innovative shapes, colors and textures, these boxes are able to make the most of the products within them and to create a unique shopping experience for the client.


Examples of To Be Packing range of boxes

Box 50


Box 50 is designed to hold and present small items of jewelry such as bracelets, rings and earrings. It is an elegant and refined case, covered with fine fabrics and with a central pillow on which to place the item to present. 

Thanks to its small size and its elegant design, Box 50 represents the ideal solution for make the most of your bracelets.

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Forever is a box collection with a refined and contemporary design.

The box has a casket opening which guarantees maximum ease of use.

Forever box is available in different sizes, to hold different types of jewelry, including bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces.

Its elegant presentation allows you to enhance your jewelry products.

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