Custom jewelry trays: 100% customization for your jewels

Having many jewels to manage could be a real challenge when you try to pay attention to style and you want to send a message of order and value. Custom jewelry trays can lend a helping hand in presenting your precious products to customers in the best way possible. Discover To Be Packing range.

To Be Packing realizes custom jewelry trays with materials of the finest quality and the most sophisticated designs.
You can use them to display jewels on the counter or store jewels in drawers, cabinets and showcases. Here are some examples taken from our range.


Custom jewelry trays: the best models by To Be Packing

Bold tray

bold trayBold tray is made with a wooden structure, characterized by a large frame and round corners. It is available in different materials and colors.


Flip tray

flip trayRealizable with a built-in ring, Flip tray is made with a wooden shell covered with a fabric of your choice and it is provided with a fabric flap that will protect your jewelry.
This model is customizable with your logo.


Elegance tray

elegance trayElegance tray is made with solid wood edge. Available with a built-in ring available both on the long side and on the short side. Internal customization.


Svuota vetrine

window emptying trayThree “window emptying” couvettes to quickly empty your display cases and store your jewelry in trays with different internal partitions according to your needs.


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breil jewelry trayHere’s a custom solution example: To Be Packing has partnered with Swatch to create custom trays for the jewelries that resell the brand.

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Custom jewelry trays for drawers: our proposals

In the To Be Packing catalog you can also find specific custom jewelry trays for drawers. These products can be combined and inserted into drawer structures in order to create wide solutions to store jewels and to carry them around.



beauty jewelry trayThe jewelry display cases of the Beauty line are an elegant alternative to the classic jewelry trays and organizers. Each case can be composed of five or six jewelry trays: a practical solution that allows you to place into a single exhibitor a large number of rings, bracelets, charms, earrings. If necessary, you can extract a single tray and show the customer the requested product.





jewelry suitcaseEach jewelry case of the suitcase collection is unisex, with interiors made of genuine leather and exterior in soft faux leather. The jewelry cases are customizable in every aspect: in the number of trays, in the type of tray (stackable or removable "drawer"), in size and details.

Each suitcase is closed perfectly with a key lock or combination, in order to guarantee maximum safety even when traveling with your jewelry collection.


Stock cases

jewelry stock caseOur stock cases are real pieces of furniture, with an elegant design and an Italian flavor.

We can offer endless customization opportunities: to create the interiors, you can choose from a wide range of materials and colors and, of course, you can decide how many and which kind of jewelry trays you want to have. 




Advantages of custom jewelry trays

Jewelry display trays represent a useful and adaptable support that can be used as a showcase for the jewelry stores. At the same time, jewelry trays are perfect to place, in a tidy way, necklaces, rings, earrings and charms, too.


Moreover, they are the perfect to:

  • Store a large number of jewels in the same place
  • Be easily moved, placed inside a showcase or stored in a safety box
  • When organized in a suitcase, transport or travel with the products with comfort and safely
  • Show a customer a specific jewel, intriguing him in the meantime with the other products in the trays


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