Custom luxury boxes for your high-end jewels

Handmade, with a sophisticated design and 100% personalized, To Be Packing luxury boxes are a real must-have to ensure a memorable shopping experience to the customer. Discover some entirely customized examples of our range from the luxury world.

High-end jewels represent a major investment, both for those who buy them and for those who sell them. For this reason, it is essential that they are properly packaged, in order to protect them from any possible damage and to ensure a memorable shopping experience to the customer.

The customized luxury boxes are the ideal solution: they’re made of high quality materials and they have an elegant design, that reflects the value of the jewels that they contain. Furthermore, the luxury boxes can be customized with the logo or the name of the brand or a special message, in order to make the shopping experience even more unique and memorable.


Some customizable models from To Be Packing range



Emerald luxury boxes represent a concentrate of style and quality, thanks to the realization with the best materials and the attention to their details. 

These models are hand-finished with extreme care, ensuring a remarkable strength and a flawless result. Their elegance and sophistication enhance the jewels to the fullest, offering a sophisticated and impressive presentation.

This jewelry box is the ideal choice for high-class stores, jewelers and brands eager to offer to their customers a premium quality packaging, able to convey the value and the uniqueness of one's brand.




The boxes of Meraviglioso collection have an elegant and regal design, that adds further value to the beauty of your jewelry. 

The Meraviglioso line offers solutions suitable for different types of jewelry: from luxurious ring cases, characterized by petite and compact shapes, to those designed for bracelets and necklaces. All the boxes are lined internally with soft and delicate materials, perfect for enhancing each individual jewel.




Amore is the luxury boxes collection with a round shape, characterized by soft, sinuous lines, perfect for any type of jewel. 

Amore is available in a wide range of sizes and heights, adapting to any kind of jewelry and responding to all the different needs of customers. It is especially ideal for rings and wedding bands. Like all jewelry boxes from To Be Packing collection, also Amore can be fully customized in the colors and exterior coverings.




Candy is an elegant wooden box, handcrafted with high quality materials and with impeccable attention to detail. 

Entirely Made in Italy, it contains a case inserted in a mirror, all covered by a glass case. 


The customization options for your luxury boxes are endless. Don't know where to start? Check out some custom examples by Billionaire, Maserati and Lamborghini, some true spearheads of the Luxury world.

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The benefits of a 100% customized box

Choosing custom luxury boxes for your high-end jewels will allow you to enjoy several advantages, including:

  • protection of jewelry from damages: personalized luxury jewelry boxes are realized using strong and durable materials that protect jewelry from scratches, bumps, and other damages.
  • Improvement of the shopping experience of the customer: a custom solution makes the jewelry shopping experience more enjoyable and memorable. The customer will feel more special and appreciated, and will be more likely to return shopping at your store.
  • brand enhancement: luxury boxes are an excellent opportunity to enhance your business, because an elegant and sophisticated packaging helps convey the image of a high-end brand, that offers high quality products.


If you’re a jeweler and you want to pack your jewels in an exclusive and personalized way, contact us to request more information or a quotation. We will offer a wide range of luxury customized boxes, made with high quality materials and with an elegant and sophisticated design.

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