Drawers for jewels: how to store your products in a safe and elegant way

Organize and protect your jewels with style and safety: discover the best drawers for jewels from To Be Packing range.

Choosing the ideal jewelry chest of drawers is crucial to ensure a safe and efficient storage of your valuable products. Jewels, in fact, require special care to maintain their shine and their value over time. A well-designed and functional chest of drawers can become your precious ally, offering a dedicated and organized space for each jewel.

Let's explore the key features that distinguish them and the different jewelry drawer options available in our range.  


The characteristics of a professionally made drawer.

There are several factors that distinguish a quality drawer unit, completely Made in Italy:

  • the chest of drawers must have compartments suitable for the specific sizes and shapes of your jewels, in order to prevent them from overlapping or from damaging each other;
  • It is made of a material that provides protection from external agents, such as moisture and dust, while at the same time maintaining an aesthetic appearance that matches your personal style;
  • It has a secure lock that keeps your jewelry safe from theft or accidental drops;
  • It has an expanding capacity. If you are planning to expand your jewelry collection in the future, the chest of drawers will have enough space to accommodate new pieces without having to make use of additional storage solutions.

To Be Packing jewelry drawers


Giano – Bespoke solid wood drawer unit

Giano Cassettiera

Giano, our exclusive drawer unit, is tailor-made with an elegant solid wood structure. This chest can be perfectly integrated into any space of your store, adding a touch of sophistication to the decor. To Be Packing's professionals will be working together with you to define the precise dimensions and create an external structure that fits perfectly to your business. Inside the chest of drawers, trays are placed on rails, allowing an easy removal of containers. In addition, the inner trays, can be customized according to your specific needs, providing a tailored storage solution for your jewelry.


Movable jewelry chests of drawers


cassettiere mobili

To Be Packing movable jewelry chests of drawers embody the elegance and sophistication of Italian design. With a vertical structure and many drawers available, they offer a practical and functional storage system for your most precious jewelry.

You will have the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of materials and colors for the inside, creating a unique product that reflects your taste and the image of your brand.

Besides the aesthetic aspect, To Be Packing jewelry drawers provide optimal functionality. Thanks to their well organized compartments, your jewelry will be safe, neat and easily accessible. Each drawer can be equipped with specific trays for different types of jewels, allowing you to keep rings, bracelets, earrings and much more separate and tidy.


Jewelry Trolley case


trolley porta gioielli

To Be Packing has developed a range of practical trolley couvettes specifically designed for jewelers who travel frequently for business and need to carry a wide range of products.

Available in rigid or soft version, trolley cases are actual travel drawers equipped with customizable jewelry trays, allowing you to choose custom shapes and colors.


Our expertise and attention to detail turn every vision into reality. Choose To Be Packing for your jewelry store.

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