Examples of customized jewelry packaging by To Be Packing

Customized packaging not only protects and presents the jewelry at its best, it’s also an opportunity to communicate brand value and build a relationship with the customer. Discover the To Be Packing offer, the benchmark in customized jewelry packaging.

Personalized packaging has become a key element to enhance the value of jewelry and differentiate yourself from competitors. Today, more and more brands and jewelry shops want to invest in bespoke solutions to offer their customers a purchase experience that exceeds expectations.

To Be Packing is a company that specialized in the production of customized jewelry packaging that offers high-quality solutions with an exclusive design. We have a wide range of products, including boxes, cases, shopping bags, pouches and envelopes, which can be customized to the customer's specific needs.

Some examples of bespoke packaging

Packaging for Pisa Orologeria

customized jewelry packaging pisa

The exclusive packaging created for 'Lancette' is a tribute to time, just like the jewelry line created by Maristella and Chiara Pisa.

The high goldsmith's craftsmanship that characterizes the collection is enhanced and completed by jewelry packaging with a refined and sophisticated design, able to attract customers' attention and conferring a sense of elegance and exclusivity

The boxes, envelopes and cases have been made using high-quality materials, such as satin and velvet, and have been customized with the brand logo.


Packaging for Ame
ame customized jewelry packaging

The rounded packaging design created for Ame is ideal for presenting all kinds of jewelry in an elegant and sophisticated way. The shiny external surface gives the box a luxurious and modern look, while the soft fabric interior gently protects your jewelry. The box is designed to accommodate different types of jewelry, from necklaces and bracelets to earrings and rings. 

Thanks to its shape, this box stands out for its originality and its ability to attract the customer's attention.


Packaging for Maserati

customized jewelry packaging for maserati

Our jewelry packaging is more than just a box to hold your precious treasures. It is a high-end option to present your brand and offer gifts to your most important customers. 

Our collection of boxes made for Maserati represents the ultimate expression of luxury and refinement. The impressive and solemn design of these boxes conveys elegance and prestige, making them perfect as gifts 

The quality of the materials used for the packaging, combined with the attention to detail, guarantees a perfect presentation of the brand.


Alaghband packaging and displays

customized jewelry packaging and display

Alaghband is an Iranian brand that represents the peak of luxury and craftsmanship in the world of jewelry. Their passion and craftsmanship are reflected in each creation, a unique and inimitable work of art. 

To best enhance their precious diamond collections, the Alaghband family chose To Be Packing as their partner. Our support in the creation of jewelry packaging and display, entirely Made in Italy, represents an added value for the new Tehran shop.

The synergy between Alaghband's craftsmanship and our expertise in high-end packaging created a memorable purchase experience that exceeds expectations.


How we customize your packaging

The project we realize demonstrates how customized packaging can become a distinctive element for a jewelry brand, creating a complete purchase experience that exceeds expectations.

To Be Packing is able to create - from initial idea to realization - any type of customized jewelry packaging using high-quality materials and taking care of every detail.

The range of customization options for jewelry packaging is wide and varied:

  • we use premium materials for the structure and covering, such as fine fabrics, paper, wood and metals;
  • we offer a wide range of colors and finishes;
  • we offer the possibility of adding your logo or brand name on each box, case or packaging created.


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