IJT Tokyo Autumn Jewellery Edition

This year, ToBe Packing decided to return to Japan for the first time in several years to attend the autumn edition of the IJT Show, which took place in Pacific Yokohama.

By attending the show, the company have once again demonstrated a keen interest in the dynamic Asian market and made it clear that we are not content with simply maintaining our prestigious status at a national and European level.

This belief that the Far-Eastern market still holds plenty of promise for the company is tied to the conviction that today’s Eastern customers are not only no longer satisfied with the quality on offer from our Asian competitors but also have growing faith in the creativity and support offered by ToBe Packing in providing innovative and luxurious packaging and display products.  

Indeed, our continued success when attending the HKTDC Show in Hong Kong has only served to confirm this trend, which has seen the Asiatic market increasingly move towards high quality Western products.

Ultimately, we are firmly convinced that our presence at the IJT exhibition will not only have a positive impact in the current market but, in conjunction with our presence at the show’s January edition, will provide a huge boost for future dealings within the East-Asian market.