Jewelry cases: discover To Be Packing range

With a high quality jewelry case, you can carry your jewelry safely and in an elegant way. Discover To Be Packing range and bring into the stores, and around the world, a unique piece.

Jewelry cases play an important role in direct sales and during exhibitions. Not only they protect jewelry from damage and scratches, but also present a professional image to customers. 

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To Be Packing range of Suitcases and Trolleys: design and safety for your jewelry

jewelry Suitcases

To Be Packing suitcases range is made of genuine leather both inside and outside, they’re completely customizable in terms of colors, materials and types of internal trays.

Suitcases are also equipped with a key or combination lock, to ensure maximum security.

The ergonomic handles and the durable structure make the suitcases easily transportable. 

And for those who want extra convenience, trolleys are the perfect solution.


The range of soft trolleys and rigid trolleys has a modern and elegant design, and their conformation also lends itself well to air travel.

Also equipped with lock, of ergonomic handles and a resistant structure, trolleys are available in different shapes and sizes, to meet the needs of every traveler. 

Fully customizable in details and inserts, they’re an innovative solution in the display industry: you will take with you on your trip not only your jewelry, which will always be neat and within reach, but the whole value of your brand.


Why is it important to invest in a quality briefcase?

For direct sales and during exhibitions, a jewelry case is an essential tool for success. 

Jewelry cases offer, in fact, a number of indispensable advantages, including: 

  • Safety - the briefcases are designed to protect jewelry from damage and theft. They are often equipped with security locks and durable materials. 
  • Organization - briefcases allow you to organize your jewelry efficiently, so that they can be easily found and best displayed
  • Mobility - briefcases are often equipped with ergonomic handles and wheels, which make them easy to transport. 
  • Professional impression - a well-designed briefcase, made of high-quality materials, can create a professional and quality impression.


Choose To Be Packing for quality products and complete service 

To Be Packing is your ideal partner for crafting your custom jewelry cases, because:

  • We are a single point of reference throughout the implementation process - To Be Packing offers a full service, from design to production. This simplifies the process and ensures clear and smooth communication. 
  • Possibility of customization - every jeweler has different needs, and To Be Packing perfectly understands this. Our jewelry cases are fully customizable, to meet your specific requirements. You can choose from a variety of colors, materials and sizes to create a case that fits your jewelry perfectly.
  • Quality of materials - quality is key when it comes to jewelry storage. To Be Packing briefcases are made of exceptional materials that ensure optimal protection of your jewelry.
  • Fast production and delivery - you can have the products you want in your hands between 30 and 60 days. 
  • Attention to customer service - To Be Packing is committed to providing impeccable customer service. If you have questions or need assistance, our team is ready to help you. You can contact us at any time to request more information or for a personalized quote. 


Our products are 100% designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Italy: they’re the expression of the Italian quality and creativity that is renowned throughout the world. 

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