Luxury displays: the best To Be Packing products

To enhance the beauty and elegance of particularly valuable jewelry, choosing luxury displays is a smart play. What is meant by luxury display stands? Products with a refined design, made of fine materials and that are able to bring the right value to the jewelry.

The luxury displays of To Be Packing

In the To Be Packing product catalog there is a wide selection of luxury displays, several lines with numerous products specific to various types of jewelry. Let's find out more in detail what it is all about.


Principe Line

The Principe luxury display line includes products that are completely handmade in Italy. These luxury displays feature details in polished gold, polished silver or brass-plated gold: elements that enhance the value and prestige of the jewelry they accompany.

The design of the Principe line is quite minimal, but at the same time allows for unique showcases and creative displays.


The following images show in this order: the bracelet display, the ring display and the bases.

luxury display principe


Parigi Line

The displays of the Parigi line are distinguished by a modular oval-shaped base, which can provide dynamism and add a touch of sophistication to any display case. These luxury display cases for rings, earrings and necklaces are the ideal solution for an elegant window display.

As the totality of To Be Packing products, these displays are available in numerous materials and colors. Moreover, necklaces' necks can be made lacquered or coated with a material of one's choice.

luxury display parigi


Portofino Line

Portofino is a line of counter displays, which contains spaces to display multiple pieces of jewelry. This is a luxury display with a classic design, which is also contemporary thanks to the linearity and simplicity of the shapes.

luxury display portofino


The composition of the internal sheaves is at the discretion of the individual customer, so a totally customized configuration is possible. Moreover, the brass base is available in different sizes.


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Customize your luxury display stands

Thanks to To Be Packing's customization services, you can get personalized luxury display stands: a unique result for your jewelry store or window display. In this way, it will be easier to catch the eye of even the most demanding customers and show them products that stand out for their value and beauty.

To Be Packing gives you the possibility to choose from a wide range of materials and colors. But that's not all. You can also add your logo, your graphics and the necessity for a product that is an expression of the uniqueness of your brand.

In addition, if the proposals in the catalog do not satisfy you 100%, you can always opt for a custom product, which will be made by our experts to measure for you.


Customize your luxury displays with To Be Packing

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