Necklace bust stand: To Be Packing models for every style

Depending on the type of necklace, the shape of the most suitable bust stand and the material with which it is coated can change. That’s why To Be Packing offers a wide range of bust display stands. Discover it.

Necklaces frame the face of the wearer, enhancing elegance and beauty. Likewise, necklaces are among the jewels that need more space to be exposed and presented. They must therefore be enhanced to the fullest, choosing the most suitable necklaces for necklaces.

Here is a selection of the best models in our range.


To Be Packing necklace bust stands

Depending on the type of necklace, the shape of the bust display stand can change. But not only that. The choice also varies depending on the material with which the display is coated and its value. That’s why To Be Packing offers a wide range of necklace display stands. Let’s find out below.


Cuore bust stand - for necklaces with sensual allure

cuore bust display stand

Cuore is characterized by soft, rounded shapes, able to give a romantic touch to the jewels on display in your store. This model is the right balance between refinement and sophistication. 


Sospiro bust stand - for long and elegant necklaces

sospiro bust display stand

Sospiro neck, thanks to its clean and modern design, is perfect for any type of jewelry and gives a touch of elegance to your jewels.

Among our bust display stands, Sospiro stands out for a unique feature: the slightly tapered shapes, which give it a refined and ethereal elegance, perfect to enhance the most minute details of the jewelry.


Goccia bust stand - for necklaces of all kinds

goccia bust display stand

The Goccia neck is ideal to make even more elegant and sophisticated the range of jewelry in your showcase, thanks to the slender shape and the precious fabrics it is covered with. The simple but decisive design makes this necklace dust stand a real must for any jewelry store.


Barcelona bust stand - for flat and compact necklaces

barcelona bust display stand

The rounded and softened shapes of the Barcelona neck display are particularly appreciated by lovers of minimal styles. Given its shape, it is the ideal solution to add dynamism to the shop window, alternating it with bust stands with more developed heights.


Light bust stand - universal necklaces holder

light bust display stand

The Light neck adapts to the style of every shop window and every line of jewelry. Perfect for both modern and more historic realities, its touch enhances the brilliance and the play of light of the precious exposed.


How to customize your necklace bust stands

With To Be Packing jewelry bust display stands, your jewelry will be even more valuable to customers. How? By creating a bust stand customized for your products, your needs and the style of your jewelry.

To Be Packing offers the possibility to customize all the products for jewelry, choosing from many materials, textures, colors and designs.

But that’s not all. You can also make completely customized products and unique solutions that speak your brand 100%.


Create your bust display stands with To Be Packing.

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