Ring boxes: 4 premium products from the To Be Packing collection

Our product range includes ring boxes in different styles, made of high-quality materials and carefully finished to ensure maximum protection and the best way to present your jewelry. Discover our best sellers in this article.

To Be Packing ring boxes are among the most requested products by our customers and are available in many different sizes, shapes, colors and designs to meet the needs of every customer and every type of jewelry.

With our attention to detail and the quality of the materials used, To Be Packing ring boxes are the best choice for jewelers, goldsmiths and e-commerce sales to better enhance their jewels.

Our best-selling boxes


mignon ring boxes

Our Mignon ring box collection immediately won over our customers with its practicality and visual appeal.

The available range of colors, from bright tones to pastel colors, makes our Mignon ring boxes suitable for any style and occasion. Among the various customization possibilities, you can choose the type of opening, from the classic casket to the drawer opening.


Astuccio 50

astuccio 50 ring boxes

The Astuccio 50 is a state-of-the-art jewelry box that combines sophistication and functionality.

Its soft corners make it a product with a modern and eye-catching design to enhance the beauty of the jewel. This ring box is available in many different sizes and materials to meet the needs of every customer.

The Astuccio 50 box has an easy and secure closure system to protect your jewelry during transport and presentation. The range of options available to customize this jewelry box, including the choice of color and finish, allows you to create unique and personalized packaging that will enhance your jewelry.



emerald ring boxes

The Emerald jewelry box is a mix of style and quality, handcrafted with high-end materials and attention to detail.

The box is hand-coated with great care, ensuring long-term resistance and a perfect finish. Its elegance and refinement enhance your jewelry to the maximum, guaranteeing a sophisticated and impressive presentation.

This jewelry box is ideal for exclusive boutiques, jewelers and brands that want to offer their customers top-quality packaging to convey the value and uniqueness of their brand.



forever ring boxes

Forever is our brand-new collection of jewelry boxes. 

Forever has a classic casket design, a practical and functional solution for storing your jewelry. The simplicity of the lines and the choice of high-quality fabrics give a timeless elegance to the box.

This collection includes different types of boxes, from small boxes for rings to boxes for bracelets and necklaces, all with a soft and delicate inner lining that enhances each piece of jewelry.


Customize your ring boxes

To Be Packing offers the opportunity to customize your ring boxes in every detail, to get products that speak of you. 

In addition to the wide range of fabrics and colors available, you can place your brand logo and add bespoke tags with information about your jewelry or company. 

This customization option not only enhances the customer experience, but also creates a strong brand identity, increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Our team of professionals will assist you throughout the creation and customization process, ensuring that each ring box is perfect and perfectly matches your expectations.


Request a customized supply of ring boxes that will make your customers say I do.

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