The perfect window dressing accessories for jewelry stores

For a showcase that captures attention and enhances each piece of jewelry, choose accessories from To Be Packing. Discover our high-quality solutions for a flawless, eye-catching display.

Specializing in jewelry store window displays, To Be Packing offers a wide range of displays that enhance the products on display.

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The types of accessories available for showcases

Display cases for rings, earrings, bracelets

Display cases for rings, earrings, bracelets

To Be Packing's ring, earring and bracelet displays are designed to highlight the beauty and design of jewelry. Available in a variety of materials, patterns and finishes, these displays offer an elegant presentation, drawing customers' attention and making it easier for them to choose products.


Watch displays

watch displays

For watches, To Be Packing offers displays that combine confidence and style. These accessories present them in an eye-catching way, emphasizing the unique features of each piece of your jewelry.


Necklace displays

Necklace displays

To Be Packing's necklace displays are perfect for displaying necklaces of all lengths. Made from high-quality materials, these displays enhance the valuables, highlighting details and workmanship, and make it easy for customers to view your jewelry store.




Backrests are key elements in creating depth and structure in jewelry store display cases. To Be Packing offers customizable backrests in a variety of colors and materials that blend seamlessly with other display accessories, creating a harmonious and inviting showcase.




The bases are used to raise and highlight specific jewelry within the showcase. To Be Packing offers bases of different heights and sizes, which can be combined to create a dynamic and attractive effect, attracting the eyes of customers towards the most precious pieces.




Plaques are essential for providing additional information about the products on display. To Be Packing offers elegant and discreet nameplates that can be customized with logos and descriptions, maintaining the aesthetics of the storefront without distracting attention from the jewelry.

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A faster choice? Entrust us with the set-up of your showcase

complete jewelry displays and accessories

To Be Packing creates complete window display compositions for you, simplifying your jewelry display and ensuring a professional, high-impact result. 

Our compositions include a selection of coordinated accessories designed to optimize space and highlight jewelry, ensuring a flawless display.

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Key features of showcase accessories

Window accessories ideal for jewelry stores must have specific features to best enhance the products on display:

  • The design must be elegant and functional, capable of attracting customers' attention without being excessive.
  • The quality of the materials is key: displays must be strong and durable, maintaining their beauty and integrity over time.
  • The ability to enhance the products on display is crucial: each accessory must enhance the details of the jewelry, making them the absolute stars of the showcase.

To Be Packing meets all these requirements, offering accessories that combine refined design, high-quality materials, and optimal presentation of the jewelry.


Achieve the perfect showcase with To Be Packing

Whether you need displays for rings, earrings, watches, necklaces, or complete showcase kits, To Be Packing has the ideal solution for you. Enhance your customers' shopping experience and highlight your jewelry with elegance and style!

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