To Be Packing, the good Italian entrepreneurship at VicenzaOro

Cases, shop windows, bags, clutches, ribbons, trays, rolls but also presentation material and jewelery accessories, all customizable to the customer and with guaranteed delivery in 40/60 working days.
To Be Packing has achieved in a few years leading positions in packaging and information for jewelery, conquering national and international markets, increasing exports by 40% and at the same time also turnover, with a net increase of a further 5 million euros . Its most valuable advertising vehicle is the product. Regardless of the superior quality of the materials used, the ability to combine packages and jewelery by optimally integrating them, the one reflecting the other; the invention of solutions that are constantly dissimilar and innovative, sometimes bold and therefore even more appreciated, makes style style is the wise modulation of colors and contrasts, always balanced.
The last works of the Bergamo brand still concern prestigious realities of the sector. The first was concluded for the ancient Jewelery Lucchetti, born in 1873 and now in its fourth generation. The girotondi that guard the ideations are of intense blue, like the night, to exalt the splendor of the jewel that is enclosed there.
The sliding backrest characterized by the repetition of the Royal Asscher brand lacquered in gold is one of a kind. The solution was adopted by the Schaap en Citroen family, agreed thanks to the multilingual team of the brand, which also allowed the agreement with Atelier Scheuble, a German jewelery and watchmaker whose artifacts are welcomed on a Barcelona model showcase, with soft lines and wrapping, with gold lacquer and personalized magnetic plate.