Watch cases: the top 5 To Be Packing models

With the right balance between tradition and modernity, To Be Packing watch cases are elegant and resistant solutions to protect important products such as watches. Here are our top 5 models.

To Be Packing produces high-quality watch and jewelry boxes, all handmade in Italy. In this article, we select 5 of the most representative of our wide range.


The best watch cases by To Be Packing

Whether for a gift, a personal purchase or simply to present the product to a potential customer, the importance of choosing watch cases is never to be underestimated. With boxes of this kind, the final result will certainly live up to expectations, even the most ambitious.


1 - Heritage, single watch case

cofanetto porta orologio heritage

Heritage is a classic box, a wooden watch box with a traditional flavor and essential lines, to give the right emphasis to the watch kept inside. It is available in three different shades.


2 - Heritage, set for 8 watches

cofanetto porta orologio per 8 heritage

Heritage also exists in the eight-watch version, and can be used both as a jewelry display case and as a watch storage case to keep at home.


3 - Meridian, single watch case

cofanetto porta orologi meridian

A soft cushion on which to place the watch, a casket that brings out its beauty, Meridian could only be among the best watch cases in the range. The box is customizable with an external plaque and an internal logo.


4 - Roma, case for 4 watches

cofanetto porta orologi roma

Roma is our leather watch case, characterized by soft lines and an internal divider that allows you to keep in order and protect the items inside.

Also perfect as a travel watch holder, it is customizable with different colors.


5 - Perpetual, single watch holder

cofanetto porta orologi perpetual

Last but not least, the case par excellence, with the square shape and the precious inner lining. Perpetual has a charm like no other, but it does not shift the attention from the watch, which must remain the focal point of the showcase.


How to choose watch cases

When choosing a watch case, the first thing to consider is the watch itself. You have to understand its style, the characteristics that make it unique and that you want to emphasize. 

At the same time, it is also necessary to consider what may be the most appropriate structure to protect the product.

To Be Packing is available to evaluate together with you which combinations of shapes and fabrics are best suited to accommodate the watches in your store.


The quality and innovation of To Be Packing cases

The models in this article are just some of the many possibilities you can get: To Be Packing makes watch cases of the highest quality, thanks to the use of fine materials that are able to give the right style to each product. 

Whatever the needs or tastes of a customer, from To Be Packing you can find the ideal watch case. In addition, all products are customizable with the option to choose:

  • Colors
  • Texture
  • Materials
  • Design and forms

And for an extra finishing touch, you can add your jewelry logo to your watch cases.


Create memorable watch cases with To Be Packing.

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