What happens in Vegas…

…Thankfully sometimes does not stay just there, especially during the JCK show, the biggest one in the United States in the business.


To Be Packing was present, once again, to offer to its clients the latest innovations in its catalogue, including a practical and compact new inclined display, a perfect fit for the short showcases sold in the US and that received already great feedback for those who visited us.

Old clients, new ones, designers, retails, name it and you have it, this year we decided to welcome them all in the Essentials pavilion of the show, to ease the new layout of a complete renovate Mandalay Bay convention Center, not yet perfect in indicating the exact directions to the public


The requests? Quality with affordable prices, and low minimum, key words in our dictionary, as we had the pleasure to explain to our clients, who also appreciated very much the new examples in cotton of our packaging, or the nice golden metal touches on our displays and now even on our boxes! Classy but with a touch seems to define pretty well the general feeling we sense while there!


We wait Las Vegas every year with huge excitement and we always bring our best to be the most competitive; our greatest reward is seeing clients from long time stop by and still be surprised by our newest collections, sign of appreciation for the continuous focus we have in innovating our catalogue to accommodate all the requests we receive.


Don’t miss the next change to visit us and we will be there happy to tailor together the new look of your brand!