Your window display with To Be Packing watch displays

Each watch can be paired with a suitable display that enhances its image and value. The To Be Packing range offers diversified and customizable solutions to embellish the windows and highlight the products on sale.

Watches are timeless products that deserve to be valued and presented in the best way. That’s why To Be Packing has designed several lines of display for watches destined to display cabinets - and not only - with different shapes and designs. 

Let’s see together some proposals representative of the range.


Watch display: the best proposals of To Be Packing

Sole Bracelet - New!

espositore orologio soleThe Sole bracelet is a display for watches and bracelets, made by hand and entirely decomposable.

Metal details are available in polished gold, brass-plated gold and polished silver versions.



Luna Bracelet

espositore orologi lunaThe Luna bracelet is a display for bangles or watches, equipped with a very stable and rigid support and brass gold details.

Its oval shape gives momentum and dynamism to the composition of the showcase.



Madrid watches display

porta orologi madridMadrid is part of the range of classic watch displays, essential, elegant and developed on different heights to enhance more in customers' eyes.

The metal holder is available in matt gold.



Cavaliere watch display

espositore orologi cavaliereThe Cavaliere watch display is simple and square, and is designed to give maximum prominence to the most beautiful and precious watches in jewelry.

The structure is ideal to support the watch discreetly and leave the object the absolute protagonist role of the showcase.



Tray for watches

vassoio espositore orologiThe tray is a practical and versatile element that allows you to order several watches in a single display (this model can accommodate up to 8).

Just like the other solutions by To Be Packing, this watch display is available in different materials and colors.




How to choose watch displays for your shop windows

There are several aspects to consider when you want to set up a shop window. Likewise, there are many possibilities to choose from. 

In the first place, it is good to identify and define the central theme of the showcase, which can be a color, a product, a complete line, or a brand. 

What must be present, clear and evident is then undoubtedly the style. Style communicates a message, conveys an emotion, and this is what makes the difference in attracting customers. 

In addition to taking these important elements into account, when choosing a watch display you should also consider:

  • the type of product to be exhibited (and its value)
  • the style of the product (color, material, design)
  • the characteristics of the potential customer and his/her preferences 
  • the style and identity of jewelry

Our professionals can help you define all these aspects and create a series of unique-looking exhibitors, customized in every detail.


To Be Packing will follow you along the entire project: from the conception to the creation, to the shipment of your exhibitors.

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