Custom jewelry cases

Exporting Italian style all over the world, To Be Packing creates solutions for jewelry stores and tailor-made projects to suit the style and class of each customer. Below are the proposals for custom jewelry cases, among the main products offered by To Be Packing.


The lines proposed by To Be Packing:


Custom jewelry case: To Be Packing's proposals

For more than fifteen years, To Be Packing has been creating the best packaging solutions for jewelry stores (but not only), paying special attention to the wishes and requests of its customers.

Jewelry cases can really make a difference in the presentation of your product and the communication of the values you want to convey with each specific piece of jewelry. That is why we offer you an extensive range of jewelry cases that are customized to your wishes and tastes.

Here are the most exclusive jewelry case lines that you can customize in many aspects and details.


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Classic custom jewelry cases


club jewelry case


Club – A timelessly stylish jewelry box that can further enhance the value of your jewels. Customizable in various colors and materials, it is available in two versions: Standard, entirely made of paper, and Elegance, entirely made of leather.




easy jewelry case


Easy – This is an iconic jewelry case that can be customized in various colors for the different materials available. Its standard version is made of rigid cardboard, but is also available in an Elegance version with fabric and coated paper lining.




tao jewelry case


Tao – A jewelry case with a classic, simple and elegant design. Again, you can make your very own jewelry case in color and material. It is available in either fabric or paper, depending on your preferences and the type of jewelry.



Premium custom jewelry cases



royal jewelry case


Royal – Made from premium materials and handcrafted entirely by hand, the Royal custom jewelry case will add the utmost charm and elegance to your jewelry. Featuring a host of extras such as exterior prints, ribbons and a padded interior, the case cover can also be personalized.




aria jewelry case


Aria – This is one of the jewelry case lines that allow for a higher degree of customization. With a choice of decorations and custom combinations, you can create unique and stylish jewelry packaging.




astuccio 50


Astuccio 50 – This is a wooden jewelry box made of top-quality materials with attention to detail. You can customize it by adding a plaque with your logo and adding the brass profile, enhancing the elegance and style.




Modern custom jewelry cases


astuccio per gioielli magnetik


Magnetik – The magnetic closure that characterizes the Magnetik range makes these personalized jewelry cases practical as well as stylish. Their modern, minimalist design adds value to the jewelry they accompany.





astuccio e-box


E-box – The case is designed to hold online orders. Its structure is particularly resistant and can be inserted into the packaging of any courier. To get a custom case from the new E-box collection, simply choose the color of the inner sponge and adapt it to the products to be delivered.




Making your own 100% custom jewelry case is easy.

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