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To Be Packing is an Italian manufacturer of custom jewelry displays and displaying solutions. Italian design, attention to details, flexible and customized production are some of the qualities that earned us customers all over the world. Discover how we create some of the best custom jewelry displays in the world and contact us to talk about your project. We accept orders worldwide!




The importance of custom jewelry display

Creating a customized frame for your jewels and your products is the best way to enhance the value of your brand, catch the attention of the customer and express a true vocation for luxury. In a professional jewelry, the atmosphere is everything: the colors, the materials and the shapes you use are essential to transfer your value. The ordinary and the average are not allowed: you have to express your unique value.

Custom jewelry displays are one of the most important pieces in the puzzle: a beautiful display sheds light on your jewels while expressing the visual identity of your brand. Take a look at some of our customized solutions to see how they convey a precise atmosphere:


Custom made jewelry displays

Here are some examples:


custom-jewelry-display-osigemThe custom jewelry display we created for Osigem plays with black and white to create a sharp contrast to magnetize the attention. A similar contrast is set between tall elements – such as the background panel and the necklace display – and short elements like the ring displays and the round base. A unique combination to express the courage and elegance of a modern Brand.



custom-jewelry-display-arenaSoft and round lines create a warm hug in the custom jewelry display we made for Fope Gioielli. This display is a great example of how the right choice of shapes, colors and materials can embrace all the five senses. The display was designed starting from the Arena model, inspired by the Colosseum, and then entirely customized to create a new, beautiful product.



custom-jewelry-display-trapuntatoThis custom jewelry display merges gold and white to express softness, elegance and light. The background, inspired by Moorish decorations, catches the eye with bright geometric patterns. The single displays create a soft contrast with their pure, essential lines. As a result, the jewelry display shows the perfect balance between opulence and lightness.



custom-jewelry-display-ranieriPure, pastel colors are the best to express joy and vitality, without losing elegance. The custom display we made for Ranieri is entirely coated with a layer of salmon pink: the perfect choice to communicate energy, kindness and youth at the same time. Each single element is designed around a simple, dynamic shape. Just think about your favorite color ;)



custom-jewelry-display-base-sospesaThere is another way to play with pure color: to match it with black or white, as we did in this fine jewelry display that was entirely customized starting from the Basi Sospese model. Basi Sospese means “suspended basis”, a reference to the floating effect we achieved in the design of this display. Meanwhile, the colors are enhance by the use of simple, fluid shapes.



The next display could be your own: contact us to discuss your project!







Design your own custom jewelry display

Designing the best custom displays for your jewelry is a complex operation: you have to take into account many different elements, among which:

  • custom-jewelry-display-sensiThe color and shape of your logo
  • The personality of your brand
  • The target customer of your jewelry
  • Distinguishing from your competitors
  • The style of your jewels

And many more!


Our staff of stylists and designers is ready to help you find the best way to express these elements in a coherent, innovative and effective set of jewelry displays. We can discuss a personalized project and choose together every single element of the displays.


How we can help you

With To Be Packing you will be sure that every detail of your custom jewelry display is set out at its best, as we study your project with the highest meticulousness to offer you high quality products.

In fact, we provide complete service to deliver you the exact aesthetics you need to show the personality of your brand and stand out in the panorama of luxury jewelry.

From the moment you contact us, we make sure our team of qualified, creative graphic designers will give you all their support and assistance to help you reach your goal and come up with the most captivating custom jewelry display.


Contact us to ask for any information or tell us your idea!




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