Earring Displays

Here you will find our entire selection of earring displays: many solutions, all different in shape, size, color and personality, which have in common the taste of a 100% Made in Italy design. In order to help you find the earring display that best answers your needs, we will give you a little advice on how to create the right combination of shapes, colors and materials for your earring displays.

Earring display BOSTON

The BOSTON earring display recalls the shape of the tidy buildings of the American city. The supports...

Earring display CUBETTO

The earring display CUBETTO is born from the combination of stems and strict cubic shapes. Thanks to ...

Earring display GÈNEVE

The unique design of the GÈNEVE earring display makes it a solution requested and appreciated all ove...

Earring display MAXI

Elegance and charme, with the utmost simplicity: these are the main characteristics of the MAXI earri...

Earring display PARIGI

The PARIGI earring display plays with elongated oval bases to create a micro-cosmos of colours, light...

Earring display FARO

The FARO earring display focuses all the attention on th earrings exposed. The base is reduced to ...

Earring display MONACO

MONACO is an earring display characterized by traditional shapes and colours: ideal for jewelries wit...

Earring display NEW YORK

The NEW YORK TOP earring display is inspired by the great metropolis, with vertical, strong, essentia...

Emphasize your earrings with the right display

Earring displays can be divided by shape, into 3 categories:

  1. Classic T-shaped earring displays, simple, essential and timeless
  2. Earring displays that mimic elements of nature, such as flower stems and tree trunks
  3. Cubic earring displays, which are more compact and minimalist, with a slightly modern character 


t-shape earrings display     earrings display model   pettorina earrings display






Here are 3 examples of our earring displays’ models that resemble the shapes described above: CUBETTO, PARIGI and PETTORINA.

Classic T-shaped earrings display

T-shaped earrings displays are the perfect fit for traditional jewelries, with a classic and glamorous look that stands on timeless colors and materials. To Be packing offers different shapes and styles, with square or round bases, such as the PARIGI earring display set.

parigi earrings display set

Stem earrings display

Stem displays are a fresher, lighter and more creative solution: they are the perfect fit for jewelries that want to attract a young clientele or display their earrings in an innovative and surprising way. They also allow to play and experiment with different shapes and sizes: for example, in our BOSTON earring display set, the double base makes a great contrast with the stems.

boston earings display set

Cubic earring displays 

Cubic earring displays are a more unconventional choice: instead of letting the earrings hang, they sustain them on the base, letting them stand out from the background. The slim figures of the previous earring display sets are replaced by a geometric, more compact element, that is ideal for modern, minimalistic jewelries.

 pettorina earrings display

Play with colors and materials for your earring display set

If the choice of the shape is the first element to consider, then colors and materials follow right after, as a fundamental step in order to create the right combination of style. Every earring display set needs to convey the right mix of multisensory impressions, being able to seduce the client and enhance the value of the earrings at its highest.

Colors and materials are absolutely necessary in order to evoke the desired feelings and emotions. For this reason, To Be Packing offers a great range of options to create countless combinations. For example, look at the elegance of the contrast created by the red velvet cushion against the glossy golden base in this GÈNEVE earring display.

geneve display earrings set



Personalized earring displays

If none of the shapes presented here satisfies your needs, we can work on a completely personalized project. An eye-catching earrings display that won’t steal the show but enhance the beauty of your earrings.

To Be Packing puts its experience at your service to create highly personalized earring displays. Our personalization projects are available even on small batches and are carefully curated by professionals designers with years of experience in the field.

Your earrings deserve the best light.

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