Handmade jewelry displays: the best to make your pieces shine

Explore our display sets and achieve the perfect balance with our customization options. Create the exact product you envisioned, just the way you imagined it.


Quality, elegance, and innovation - these are the hallmarks of Italian craftsmanship, and they are at the heart of every product we create at To Be Packing. Our handmade jewelry displays are a testament to that: crafted with the finest materials and finished by skilled artisans, they epitomize the beauty and precision associated with our tradition.

Discover our display sets and find the perfect balance with our customization option: you’ll be able to craft the exact product you wanted, just like you had it in mind.


A great way to showcase your products

When it comes to showcasing your jewelry collection, a high-quality display is a game-changer. Our tailor-made solution can be adopted to:

  • Elevate your brand: an elegant display enhances your brand image, conveying the quality and sophistication of your jewelry;
  • Attract attention: well-presented jewelry captures the attention of potential customers, drawing them in for a closer look;
  • Maximize visibility: our handmade displays are designed to provide maximum visibility, allowing your customers to appreciate every intricate detail.

A handmade display for jewels enhances the overall experience of your store, by letting your customers appreciate each and every detail of your precious stones. Remember, presentation is key!


Our handmade jewelry displays: italian production at its finest

If you’re looking for an extensive lineup of premium-quality sets, look no further: ToBe Packing’s experience brings many different proposals to you, which include famous italian brands and a full customization experience.

Explore our exquisite collection of handmade jewelry displays below, where classic and experimental design mesh together.


Città d’Oro jewelry display

If you’re looking for a pre-made set, Città d’Oro is a gorgeous and reliable solution. From its striking gold accents to its innovative structures for earrings, this model is a perfect blend of well-proven components and more experimental features.

Handmade jewelry display Città d’Oro


Geneve ring display

Geneve is the perfect choice if minimalism is what you have in mind. Its simple and square design is specifically crafted to accentuate the beauty of your most precious rings and jewels: this display features clean lines and components of varying heights, adding a dynamic element to your showcase. 

Handmade jewelry display Geneve


Florence counter display

Our sophisticated Florence counter display is ideal for a more horizontal approach. It features an extended base, providing an ideal canvas for showcasing all of your jewelry in an eye-catching way.

This handmade display for jewels is perfect if you want to be creative: you'll discover a variety of square and rectangular couvettes that can be easily customized and rearranged to your needs.

Handmade jewelry display Florence


Customizable sets for every need

We understand that the story of your brand is unique, and your displays should reflect that in a simple, yet stunning way. That's why we offer a wide range of customization options:

  • Custom colors: choose from a vast spectrum of colors to align our products with your brand's image;
  • Premium materials: we use only the finest materials made in Italy, ensuring durability and aesthetics in every piece;
  • Logos and images: your logo can be seamlessly integrated into the design, reinforcing your brand's identity;
  • Bespoke designs: If you have a specific vision in mind, our team of highly qualified graphic designers can help create a unique, tailored design for your product.

The ability to create a jewelry display from scratch allows you to send a distinctive message to your customers, while also letting you stand out from your competitors.


To Be Packing: a premium choice to elevate your store

Our handmade jewelry displays embody the globally recognized creativity that is typical of products made in Italy: in an increasingly competitive market, we maintain a steadfast dedication to details, ensuring our sets meet the highest standards.

We offer a vast selection of products that cater to all presentation needs: the combination of cutting-edge technology and a 100% Italian production process guarantees high quality products, but also efficiency and competitive prices.

Make the right choice for your store: elevate your brand and showcase your pieces with sophistication. Your gems deserve the finest presentation, and we're here to make it happen.

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