Jewelry busts: To Be Packing has a solution for every display

Whether you are looking for a strictly traditional or a more modern display bust for the window of your jewelry, To Be Packing has a completely customizable variety of options made for you.

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Jewelry Display Busts

When it comes to window displays, it’s of vital importance that the jewelry bust does not overshadow the beauty of the necklace itself, no matter how simple it may be. Which is the reason why To Be Packing is set on manufacturing simple, elegant, sleek looking busts that can draw attention to the jewel without stealing the show. Ultimately, the aim of To Be Packing’s jewelry busts is to be the perfect background to every kind of necklace. 


To Be Packing’s Jewelry Busts

Listed below, you will find To Be Packing’s timeless selection of display busts. Our catalogue proposes a selected range of busts, but be reminded that every single one of them can be completely customized and widely personalized according to your needs by our talented designers.  


Classico Jewelry Bust

The Classico bust is without a doubt To Be Packing’s veteran. With its simple and refined lines, it’s the perfect display for any kind of necklace. Its simple, yet undeniable elegance will exalt the essential beauty of even the most classic jewel. You can never go wrong with a Classico!

Available in four different sizes, depending on the length of your necklace, it can be made of a variety of different materials, with different colors and different textures. From the smooth Alcantara, to the iconic Saffiano, To Be Packing offers many options to choose from.  





Cuore Jewelry Bust

Cuore means heart, and the Cuore bust is definitely the most romantic one of all To Be Packing’s display busts. With its sinuous, round, delicate lines, it softly embraces the necklace it holds. It bends tradition towards sophistication without ever looking too much. The perfect balance for your jewelry display!

The Cuore bust is available in three different sizes and both the base and the top surface can be varnished up to three different shades.




Light Jewelry Bust

If you want the design of your window display to be minimal and contemporary, the Light bust is the perfect solution for you. Its slightly tapered edges respects the shape of every jewel, making it the centerpiece of your display.

Available in different sizes and a wide palette of elegant colors and materials, the Light bust is definitely the most appreciated by our clients. Its versatility makes it suitable for a complete personification that will perfectly fit the visual identity of your shop.   





Parigi Jewelry Bust

As its name may suggest, the Parigi bust is inspired by the elegance and charm of the French capital. Its bold lines suggest a fierce character, suitable for more sophisticated necklaces.

It’s possible to request the Parigi bust either varnished or covered with fine fabric, according to your needs. The Parigi bust is available in three different sizes, in order to accommodate the window display solution of every shop.



Botero Jewelry Bust

The Botero bust is named after the famous sculptor and painter Fernando Botero because of its strong lines and compact shape. Its unique style, different from any other bust, will give a pinch of modernity to your window display!

Available in many different sizes and colors, the Botero bust is extremely suitable for customization, according to the taste and style of your shop.




If you want to know more about To Be Packing’s jewelry busts, discover our selection!




Custom-made Jewelry Display Busts

As said before, To Be Packing’s catalogue offers a few ideas of the products it can manufacture, but keep in mind that every one of them can be completely customized according to the client’s needs. To Be Packing works with the client in order to manufacture the jewelry display that best fits the client’s style and taste.

Listed below are a few examples of To Be Packing’s busts specifically custom-made for its clients.



Crivelli Group is widely appreciated both at the national and international level and we believe that its ongoing collaboration with To Be Packing has had a lot to do with it. As you can see here, Crivelli chose the Classico bust in soft alcantara to better exalt the beauty of its iconic, timeless jewels. However, To Be Packing is constantly helping Crivelli arrange the best display for its necklaces, in order to keep every project in constant evolution.





Antonellis, one of Belgium’s most prestigious companies dealing in high quality jewelry chose To Be Packing’s Made in Italy quality to support its fine jewels. Here, Antonellis chose a Parigi bust, in a bold golden leather look, made to draw attention to its certified diamonds and original designs.





Aarzee-Arzano is a high quality jewelry that, in collaboration with To Be Packing, was able to combine Oriental taste and Italian style, in order to improve sales with customized displays. A sophisticated, ambitious brand that is now amongst the favorites of several Middle Eastern royal families.





As you can see, with To Be Packing possibilities are endless! You just have to pick the one that is right for you, and our designers will employ their exceptional talent to meet your every need and desire. Your jewelry display will tell the story you want it to tell. 


If you want to create your own selection of jewelry display busts, contact us!




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