Jewelry display supplies

Proper jewelry display supplies are everything in the luxury world because jewelry display is a real marketing effort that conveys the beauty of your store as well as the reliability of your service. Well, at To Be Packing you will find all the jewelry display supplies you need to capture the senses of your customers and passersby.




You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. It means that your jewelry display stands must mirror the personality and the charme of your store, inviting passersby and regular customers to get in. And how can you achieve all this? Easy: by choosing the right jewelry display supplies.


To Be Packing’s proposal of jewelry display supplies

Not only must jewelry displays make jewels stand out, they must also stimulate the imagination and dreams of potential customers as well as convey your style. Well, at To Be Packing we offer a vast selection of jewelry display supplies to accommodate all your needs and wants.

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Jewelry display supplies for necklaces

Elegant and discreet, our necklaces displays and busts put necklaces under the spotlight, bringing out the beauty of the jewel.

Geneve neck: a kind of jewelry display that aims at resembling an elegant and glamorous taste with its sparkling luster.



Cuore neck: if you are looking for sensual jewelry display supplies, the Cuore series is what you need. Characterized by soft and rounded shapes, Cuore necklace displays give a touch of romanticism to your store.

cuore neck


Jewelry display supplies for earrings

Available in different colors, sizes, materials and shapes, these jewelry displays can be divided into three main categories:
Display stand for earringsclassic and glamorous, they are the perfect jewelry display supplies for traditional earrings.
Stem earrings displays: a more creative solution for stores that want to attract younger customers as well.
steam earrings displays

Jewelry display supplies for rings

Rings can uncover a whole world, and for that reason they really need to stand out and shine in your window. Among the jewelry displays supplied by To Be Packing we can mention:
Gemstone display standavailable in various colors and finishes, it conveys an idea of daintiness and luxury at the same time.
Cubetto ring displays: available in a wide range of colors and materials, these jewelry displays are characterized by geometric shapes that truly valorize the rings that lean on them.
cubetto ring displays


Customize your jewelry display supplies

Jewelry displays are the foundations of your store’s image and as such they must make you stand out in the jewelry panorama.
This is why we offer our customers many possibilities to customize their jewelry display supplies. According to your need, for instance, you can choose:
  • the materials
  • the sizes
  • the colors
  • the shapes


In addition to jewelry display supplies, you can also build up a coordinated image for your jewelry by asking us for bags, jewel boxes and cases, and different kinds of packaging with your logo and the colors of your stores.


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