Couvette & cassettiere gioielli


Every jewel deserves the best frame: earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, cufflinks, but also valuable watches and glasses can be fully enhanced only by ad hoc containers that highlight their unique features. To Be Packing has been creating for years some of the best containers for jewelry on the market: unique models with design in every detail.

Let's discover some of the most popular containers.


Our containers for jewelry



contenitori-gioielli-coperchiojewelry containers-coverJewelry containers COVER: As the name suggests, this model features a wide, wrap-around lid that allows the container to close securely with a simple button or magnet. The interior compartments can be customized to accommodate different types of jewelry, from the smallest earrings to voluminous necklaces. Available in so many color and material combinations.



contenitori-gioielli-displayDISPLAY JEWELRY CONTAINERS: these displays combine in one product the storage and display of your valuables. The lid can in fact be enriched with a forex printed with a photograph, a graphic, a writing or your own logo: once flipped over, the lid becomes the perfect back for the display of the jewelry contained in the product. Even in this case there are wide margins for customization.




contenitori-gioielli-marmottaJewelry containers MARMOTTA: the classic marmot for jewelry returns in all its elegance in this simple model, but fine and functional. The strength of this case is that, in its basic simplicity, it can be customized in dozens of different ways: choose the material and the color you prefer for the inside and the outside. The internal subdivisions are adaptable to earrings, rings or cufflinks.



contenitori-gioielli-cassettieraJewelry containers-DRAWER BOX: If you're looking for a larger, more structured container, drawer models offer dozens of compartments organized into convenient drawers, without sacrificing the beauty of design and customization options. The rounded corners give delicacy and softness to the lines of the cabinet, making it suitable for placement in different spaces, even limited.





contenitori-orologiWatch containers: let's not forget watches, one of the products that are often displayed in jewelry shops, next to other jewelry. Containers for watches are created following the same principles as those for other valuables: design, functionality, aesthetic taste and high margins for customization. So you can request a line of containers completely designed to enhance your brand identity.




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Containers for special jewelry: the cases
For business trips, fairs, exhibitions or just to keep your jewelry in a small space, suitcases are the best solution: designed to be resistant, easily transportable, above all safe, they give you safe travels and offer, at the same time, an elegant case for every kind of jewelry.

Here you can see some of the most beautiful jewelry cases we have created:



Modello a chiave per Rebecca Noff



Modello a doppia chiave per orologi o bracciali



Modello a doppia combinazione per Sleipnir



Un altro modello a doppia combinazione, per Crypto Jewelry



Modelli a doppia combinazione con esterni personalizzati



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Containers for custom jewelry
Upon request, To Be Packing creates fully customized jewelry containers, designed in detail around the logistical and branding needs of the customer. Our staff of designers will deepen the visual identity required by the customer and propose the best custom project to meet the requests, even on small quantities.




Customize interiors and exteriors by choosing from dozens of colors, special materials to create different effects such as the leather of Pellaq, crocodile, velvet, the silk of Setalux, the striated effect of Nappan strio and many others. Study shapes and lines to sculpt the personality of your brand in visual terms. Give shape to your ideas and create the perfect frame for your jewelry.



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