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Square lines or rounded shapes? The softness of velvet or the solidity of wood? Or the choice of a completely personalised design? With To Be Packing jewellery boxes you have all this at your fingertips: the best models synthesise all the nuances of our customers' taste.



Let's go into detail:


cofanetto-gioielli-cruiseCofanetti per gioielli Cruise

Con Cruise Jewellery boxes Cruise
With Cruise, the perfection of square and rectangular shapes meets the glamorous softness of materials such as nappan and flocked, with a vast choice of colours ranging from the most traditional to pastel such as teal, pink and lilac. Cruise includes boxes for necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings and is available in 7 different sizes.


cofanetti-gioielli emeraldCofanetti per gioielli Emerald

Emerald Emerald jewellery boxes
Emerald is the new line of jewellery boxes from To Be Packing. The boxes have a simple but elegant design, a timeless style with a contemporary twist thanks to the many materials and colours available.





cofanetto-per-gioielli-pariginoCofanetti per gioielli Parigino

Parigino Jewellery box-parisino
Romanticism, refinement, elegance: the graceful lines of the Parisian jewellery boxes embody all the charm of the city from which they take their name. Available in 6 sizes for rings, earrings and pendants, bracelets and necklaces, these jewellery boxes will captivate everyone with their timeless design. For these jewellery boxes, a special version of nappan has been developed, available in mocca and linen.


cofanetti-per-gioielli-astuccio50Cofanetti per gioielli Astuccio 50

I cofanetti Astuccio 50 Jewellery boxes Astuccio 50
The Astuccio 50 jewellery boxes boast a pure and minimalist design, enhanced by fine lines that enhance the slightly rounded corners. Available in 8 sizes for every type of jewellery, the boxes can be made in different colours and materials, such as alcantara, velvet, bukana, nappan and flocked.


Cofanetti per gioielli personalizzati

cofanetti per gioielli su misura. Personalised jewellery boxes
If you are not happy with the models we offer, you can ask our designers to make customised jewellery boxes. Play with colours, materials, lines, shapes and volumes to find the best combination to enhance your jewellery. Our experts will help you find the ideal alchemy to express your brand's visual identity and win over your customers. The only limit is in your imagination.


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Watch caskets
Among the jewellery boxes, To Be Packing also makes watch boxes designed both for travel and for storing and displaying watches in jewellers. Even in this case, the basic models we offer are not binding, as you can request all the necessary customisations to obtain an entirely made-to-measure product.

Let's start with the traditional watch cases that To Be Packing makes for jewellers and showrooms: the photo shows a case made to measure for Emporio Armani, characterised by an upper panel for displaying watches and a series of drawers underneath to store other products. The dashboard plays with seductive materials and colours to enhance up to six watches.






For travel or holiday, or as elegant cases to accompany the sale of the product, To Be Packing makes travel boxes that can hold up to six watches.



Choose the most suitable material for your products, match a colour and print your logo on the box: in no time at all you will have obtained a packaging of immediate impact for your best watches: customers will appreciate a case that only a few are able to give.



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