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To Be Packing has specialized for years in the creation of luxury cases, refined, elegant and above all 100% Made in Italy. In addition to a wide range of models, To Be Packing also offers the possibility to customize its luxury cases, so that they fully reflect the identity of the brand. We are specialized in the realization of luxury jewel cases, but we also boast important collaborations in other sectors: wines and spirits, gifts, cadeau, leather goods and much more. Let's discover them together!


Luxury jewellery boxes are often not present in the shop window, but they are nevertheless an important part of your offer and your image, which the customer takes home, together with the jewel. Luxury jewellery boxes, with attention to the smallest detail, help to further emphasise the importance and preciousness of the jewel they hold. An accessory element that is no longer an extra, but becomes an integral part of the jeweller's purchase.

The luxury boxes made by To Be Packing are not just an accessory, but also a convenient way to keep your jewellery tidy and protect it inside drawers and safes. Every piece of jewellery is protected and safe in its case.


Interested in our luxury boxes?


To Be Packing luxury jewellery boxes
To Be Packing makes a wide range of luxury jewellery boxes in different shapes, sizes and materials. Let's take a look at some of our luxury jewellery box models.

Girotondo boxes
As its name suggests, the Girotondo Luxury Case is a round luxury case with soft, sinuous lines, ideal for holding jewellery such as necklaces, rings and bracelets, echoing its circular shape. Girotondo is available in a wide variety of sizes and heights, and can be customised with different colours and interior linings. For a luxury case like this, velvet and nappa leather are usually the preferred materials, but there is no reason why we can't make customised linings to meet the individual customer's needs.

Parigini box
Romantic, classic and elegant, the Parigino case is a luxury case specially designed to enhance, with its refined line, the precious object it contains. Available in a variety of sizes, the Parigino is a nappa leather and satin-lined box that stands out within our range of luxury boxes for its timeless simplicity and elegance.

Box 50
Featuring a modern, simple and functional design, Carton 50 is a luxury jewellery box made of wood lined with fine materials such as velvet and Bukana. Its square shape is softened by the soft, sinuous rounded corners, which give it an extreme softness. One particular feature that sets Astuccio 50 apart within our range of luxury jewellery boxes is the presence of small joints along the sides, which lend a special grace to the overall design.

Royal jewellery box
Finally, the Royal Jewellery Box, as its name suggests, is one of our most classic luxury jewellery boxes, characterised by its square, elegant, almost regal lines. Made from solid, coated wood, this luxury case features a practical box opening, making it easy to use and elegant. The Royal range of luxury boxes includes ideal solutions for all types of jewellery, from the small and compact luxury boxes for rings and earrings to the larger and more spacious luxury boxes for bracelets and necklaces, all of which are fully customisable.

Luxury boxes for jewellery, but not only
To Be Packing specialises in the manufacture of luxury jewellery boxes, but its versatility also makes it stand out in the marketplace for its numerous collaborations with other types of sectors. We can make luxury cases for wines and spirits, cosmetics and perfumes, special foodstuffs (such as tea or caviar) and the fashion industry (think tie or belt cases).



We've only mentioned a few models, but our range of luxury cases is really extensive! If you would like to know more about our jewellery, wine, food or fashion cases, contact us! We will work together to find a customised solution for you.




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