Luxury Custom Packaging

Our luxury packaging solutions have already been chosen by prestigious customers in different sectors. On this page you can find a selection of the surprising and successful custom projects we have realized in the last years, creating unique products that, alone, already are little pieces of art. 

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To Be Packing manufactures special customized jewelry packages. You can choose from a wide range o...


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Wine & Spirits

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Fine food

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To Be Packing: custom packaging that boasts unique style and high-quality

To Be Packing’s philosophy is to see design as synonymous with a flexible and versatile approach to work and to the client. This process is made possible due to our working process, which allows us complete control of the production cycle. Finally, an entirely “handmade” approach and the use of selected materials allow the company to create high-level, unique projects.

Inspired by this philosophy, our customized packaging solutions boast unique style and high-quality materials that make the most of any content. We design luxury custom packaging to suit the needs of many industries: high-jewelry, fashion, wine, cosmetics and fine food products are among the most suitable objects to be packaged in our special cases and boxes.


Create your unique luxury packaging with us

The handmade production, the fine style and the quality of the materials make the luxury gift boxes a perfect example of the Made in Italy style all over the world.

For To Be Packing, every request is a challenge to be undertaken with passion and care.

With our expert team of designers and high-quality materials, we can bring your packaging vision to life. Whether you're launching a new product, rebranding, or simply want to elevate your packaging game, we're here to make it happen. 


Let your products shine and leave a lasting impression on your customers with our premium custom packaging solutions.

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