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For jewelry shops that want to offer their customers extra attention, for brands that want to personalize their products even more, for companies that want to offer elegant and unexpected gadgets: a To Be Packing luxury watch case is the solution for various situations, not just for jewelry shop windows.

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Every watch deserves to be accompanied and presented by a case that best enhances its elegance and details. Precisely for this reason, To Be Packing has come up with a unique and refined range of luxury watch cases, with just the right variety of styles to suit the most diverse needs and tastes. Each type of case can be customized with your brand logo and made in a variety of colors and materials.

Here are some of the most popular and luxurious models from our range.


Classic luxury watch cases

From those with the most classic lines to those with the most exclusive and refined details, all To Be Packing watch cases tell something about the watches they contain, making them the ideal solution both for a valuable retail experience and for special packaging or gift wrapping.


perpetual luxury watch casePerpetual - Single watch case: this watch case model can be covered in fine fabric or eco-leather. Entirely handmade, according to the artisan tradition of Made in Italy, Perpetual is available in 6 different materials, from Nappan Strio eco-leather to Bukana microfiber fabric, each of which can be declined in numerous colors.



heritage luxury watch caseHeritage - Single watch case: it is a wooden watch case with covered metal feet. This watch box is customizable in 10 different colors and can adapt to any style and taste. 





roma luxury watch caseRoma - Zip case for four watches: this model is a perfect combination of style and practicality. It is, in fact, a watch case with a minimal and modern design that is very elegant and essential. At the same time, it certainly does not lack functionality, managing to contain four clocks in a contained space that can be closed with a practical zip.




heritage 8 watch luxury watch caseHeritage - Case for eight watches: it is a casket made of wood with eight spaces for your watch collection. Elegant and precious, this watch case is available in ten different colors.






Luxury watch holder rolls

watch holder rollsThe watch holder rolls have a cylindrical shape and can hold up to six watches, depending on the size of the case. Their rigid casing makes them ideal not only as watch cases, but also as travel cases, as they keep the watches well in order, but also protect them from knocks or pressure in the luggage.

Each watch roll has impeccable, durable stitching and a luxury leather covering. The closure is simple, a tear-off with a buckle.



Custom-made luxury watch cases

Custom-made luxury watch casesThese special watch cases are mainly used as display boxes in jewelry shops, but we at To Be Packing are used to thinking "out of the box".

A good idea, for example, could be to revisit them as special packaging for particular lines of watches and jewelry or as gift boxes for special customers with sophisticated tastes.


Watch display cases and personalized boxes

Luxury watch display cases and personalized boxesMainly designed for display in the windows of jewelry shops and showrooms, watch cases can be an impactful yet elegant solution for promoting your brand image and drawing more attention to the jewelry on display.

The photo shows a bespoke watch case, featuring an upper panel for displaying watches and a series of drawers underneath that can hold other jewelry or accessories.



How to choose the best luxury watch travel case

When it comes to safeguarding your treasured timepieces during travels, nothing matches the protection and elegance of a luxury watch travel case. These meticulously crafted cases not only ensure that your watches remain scratch-free and secure, but also exude an aura of sophistication that complements the prestige of your collection. 

The ideal luxury watch travel case seamlessly blends functionality with style, often boasting plush interiors, durable exteriors, and lock mechanisms to provide optimal protection. For discerning watch aficionados, investing in a high-quality watch travel case is more than just a practical move; it's a testament to their passion and appreciation for fine horology.

Luxury watches are a significant investment, so it is essential to protect them when traveling. A luxury watch travel case is the perfect solution to ensure the safety and preservation of your favorite timepieces.


What factors to consider when choosing a luxury watch travel case?

Here are some factors to consider:

  • Material: Luxury watch travel cases are typically made from high-quality materials, such as leather, wood, or carbon fiber.
  • Size: It is important to choose a case that is the right size to accommodate all the watches you want to transport.
  • Compartments: Luxury watch travel cases often have separate compartments for each watch to prevent them from bumping into each other.
  • Protection: The case should have an effective protection system to protect your watches from bumps, scratches, and dust.

Whether you're traveling for business, pleasure, or showcasing your collection at an event, ensure your timepieces arrive in impeccable condition with the unparalleled security of a luxury watch travel case.


Want to make the experience of selling your next watches even more memorable? Let us help you create your very own watch case with the dimensions, materials and features you have in mind for your exclusive line.

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