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To Be Packing manufactures standard and tailor-made necklace displays and jewelry busts, designed and produced in Italy.

Flat necklace display

The Flat necklace display stand is one of the simplest and most essential models in our range of disp...

Classico necklace display bust

The beauty of classicism, the maximum elegance: Classico necklace display bust, in its lacquered vers...

Sospiro necklace displays

Sospiro necklace displays offer elongated and graceful shapes of great finesse. At the same time, the...

Sky necklace display

Do you love modern shapes and strong personalities? Sky necklace display breaks the patterns of tradi...

Inclinato necklace display stand

This display stand breaks the traditional shapes of necklace busts and proposes a bold design: square...

Principe necklaces display

Principe necklaces display, while maintaining a classic and elegant character, moves away from the tr...

Classico necklace display

Classico necklace display proposes the most popular styles of tradition to exhibit necklaces of all k...

Barcelona necklace display bust

The rounded and sinuous forms of Catalan tradition revive in Barcelona necklace display bust, an exhi...

Goccia necklace displays

If you like soft and rounded lines, Goccia necklace displays are the right model for you. As the Ital...

Otto necklace display bust

Discretion is the best word for this necklace display bust, original and with great personality in it...

Cuore necklaces display

The most romantic, the most sensual: Cuore is a necklaces display that conquers even the most difficu...

Parigi necklace display

Parigi is a necklace display inspired by the light and charm of the French capital. Ideal for jewelle...

Light necklace display

With this necklace display we tried to remove everything that was unnecessary, leaving only the essen...

Botero necklace display stand

Botero necklace display stand is inspired by the full and round shapes created by the renowned Colomb...

Giving value without stealing the scene: this is the principle of discretion that inspired our best necklaces displays. Jewelry and necklace busts must be refined, simple enough to bring out the beauty of one of the most elegant and sumptuous jewels.

In the listing below, we propose a selection of the most beautiful necklace displays of our range: on request, each model can be widely personalized and studied in detail by our designers.


To Be Packing necklace displays


classico necklace displayClassico jewelry bust: maximum simplicity and balance in a timeless model. Classico jewelry bust is designed to emphasize with elegance any necklace, highlighting it with the neutral and discrete nuances of the materials proposed: Alcantara, Bukana, Saffiano, Nappan. Available in different sizes to suit any display.




cuore necklace displayCuore necklace display: designed for romantic souls, Cuore necklace display has a rounded shape to emphasize the most prized necklaces. Available in different sizes and different materials, such as Alcantara, Bukana, Saffiano and Nappan, on request the display can be manufactured with countless customizations. Cuore is stunning in white gold and golden brown color.




light necklace displayLight necklace display: lightness, simplicity, minimalism. Inspired by the utmost levity, the Light necklace display is the ideal exhibitor for modern jewelers who play on lights, spaces and airiness to attract glances. Like the other models, in addition to the colors and materials suggested, on request it is possible to expand the possibilities of customization.




paris necklace displayParigi necklace bust: designed for those who love the glamorous taste of the French capital, Parigi necklace bust is available in lacquered or upholstered version, always ready to magnet the eye with its sparkling luster. In the flocked version, the necklace bust offers garish and fresh colors such as pink, lilac, water-green or purple.



necklace-display gocciaGoccia necklace display: Soft and rounded lines are the main characteristics of Goccia necklace display. Its name is inspired by the smoothness of the water, a meaning which enrich even more your most romantic jewels.




Necklace displays and necklace busts: customization possibilities

The models we introduced and the busts listed below are only the standard proposals created by our designers to meet the most common needs. In fact, all models can be customized or created brand new to suit specific requests or special projects.

Assisted by our experts, you can choose the shapes, materials and colors that best suit your style, to create something unique to enhance your necklaces:

Materials and colors: from the elegant softness of the velvet up to the gloss of the Nappan; from the delicacy of flocked to the sumptuousness of Alcantara, play with the materials to create the most seductive tactile and visual sensation; natch the colors to enhance the emotional aspect of the display and find the magic that attracts your senses.

Shapes and size: rounded or squared shapes? Classic or modern? It all depends on the personality of your jewelry and the necklaces you want to display. Even the size plays a leading role: a larger exhibitor attracts more attention but risks to steal importance to the necklace; a small one can go unnoticed. Let's find the right balance.

Additional lacquering and finishes: shed more light on your necklaces with lacquered displays, creating glossy effects that add charm and brilliance. Play with small details, inserts, gold or silvered bases to give that extra touch that elevates the entire collection. Passion and care are seen in the details.




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