Products for jewelers

During the last years, the jewelry display has significantly influenced the customers’ choice. The jewelry display sets, the jewelry display stands, the pouches and, last but not least, the jewelry boxes offer the best solution to create a beautiful presentation frame for your precious products.

To Be Packing design and produces couvettes, jewelry pouches, original packaging ideas, luxury jewelry boxes, jewelry drawers, ribbons and much more, with a modern style and produced according to the most advanced processes.


To Be is the jewelry packaging wholesale for all professionals

Are you an entrepreneur in the jewelry world? Do you need a customized series production for your stores?

To Be Packing offers you tailor-made solutions; for us, jewelry packaging wholesale does not mean shoddy products, all the same, without personality.

On the contrary, our jewelry packaging wholesale is advantageous for 3 reasons:

  • Because we can discuss 100% customized projects, together;
  • Because we are available for mass productions in different entity - small and large batches - according to your needs;
  • Because you guarantee excellent value for money.

The company distinguishes for the experience in creating coordinated and personalized products and packaging for jewelers , with top quality materials. Not only your jewels will be valorised, but you will create an unambiguous identity for your jewelry store.

Jewelry display set

The jewelry display sets are the projection of your store on the outside. The more your showcase is c...

Jewelry display

Jewelry displays play a key role in your Jewelry. They are elements of valorization that exalt the be...

Jewelry pouches

Jewelry pouches have a strategic role in a jewelry store: they are complementary accessories that add...

Jewelry boxes

Do you want a custom packaging for your jewelry products? On this page, you will find the complete ra...

Do you want a coordinated image for your jewelry?

We will create your personalized combination with your logo and colors and materials you like more!

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Luxury paper bags

What better way to communicate your brand than doing that with a luxury paper bag with your logo?The ...

Presentation trays

 Jewelry display trays represent a useful and adaptable support, that can be used as a showcase for t...

Presentation rolls

The jewelry rolls are a support tool to valorise your products and present them to your prospect in a...

Printed ribbon

All our personalized ribbons are handmade and cared in the finest details. This careful process creat...

Wrapping paper

To Be Packing proposes in the catalogue different models of luxury paper to complete the packaging fo...

Easy pack

The packaging for jewelry Easy Pack is a fast idea, esay to store, that can be closed but always comp...

Are you looking for a display for jewelry?

Choose among the numerouses combinations of colors and materials To Be Packing or even personalize it!

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Labels, seals, prices for display, carrier, warranties, caveau, trolley, suitcase, are some of the ot...


Pouches, boxes and many other discounted products compared to the list price.For more information con...

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