Easy pack

The packaging for jewelry Easy Pack is a fast idea, esay to store, that can be closed but always completely customizable.


Small pack available in a wide range of papers and colors. Recommended for daily needs.


A self–contained pack with a small chest. Available in a wide range of papers, colors and in five dif...


The classic jewelry small bag with a ribbon. It is a must of your new sales point.

Do you want a coordinated image for your jewelry?

We will create your personalized combination with your logo and colors and materials you like more!

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A simple, practical and economic solution. The KIT includes a small box with a matching bag. Availabl...

Are you looking for a display for jewelry?

Choose among the numerouses combinations of colors and materials To Be Packing or even personalize it!

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From the cardboard boxes with central opening or with sliding clamp, to the jewelry boxes with trunk latch. The packaging for jewelry Easy Pack also include the kits for boy or girl jewelry, with a little box and matching purse. A fine and original idea for children jewelry.

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