Jewelry display case

Discover all the jewelry display cases available, with different shapes, colors and materials. Choose the elegance and the quality of 100% Made in Italy products and enhance your jewels with style and uniqueness.


GIANO chest of drawers is composed of a solid wood writing desk with customizable dimensions. The che...


The jewelry display cases of the BEAUTY line are an elegant alternative to the classic rolls. Each BE...


The chest of drawers is a real furniture, with an elegant design and an Italian flavour. The design o...


Couvette for drawer units, predefined or ad hoc modules. Couvette to secure your jewelry Possi...


The jewelry cases are indispensable for those who travel frequently, both for work and to present the...


For all the jewellers who travel frequently for work and need to bring with them a large quantity of ...

CAVEAU MILANO Handcrafted from soft genuine leather and lined in luxurious suede, ...

Store your jewels with unique jewelry display cases

Choosing the right jewelry presentation cases is a fundamental step in communicating your brand value. In the To Be Packing catalog you can find a variety of styles that you can choose according to your products.

Every display case should be coordinated to your jewels: if your product is extremely sophisticated you might choose Beauty model or a Giannocci stock case; if you want to realize a real furniture that contains a great quantity of jewels, Stock Case model is the right solution for you.  

Moreover, you can refine your cases with the right color and material, the ultimate touch for a perfect composition.


The perfect solution for the jewelers who travel frequently

If you often travel for work, you must ensure your jewels are in a safe and solid display case. That’s why, in this case, we provide you with the Trolley model: a jewelry trolley case suitable also for traveling by plane. 


Customize your jewelry display cases

If you can not find the right solution for your needs, you can always opt for a totally customized product: a jewelry presentation case tailored to your business.

To Be Packing, in fact, offers the opportunity to realize a jewelry display case that 100% matches your style and your values.

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