Jewelry presentation trays

Jewelry presentation trays represent a useful and adaptable support, that can be used as a showcase for the jewelry stores. On the same way, these trays are perfect to place, in a tidy way, necklaces, rings, earrings and charms, too.
Each presentation tray is designed to be easily moved, placed inside a showcase or stored in a strongbox.

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Tray with coated wooden edge 9 spaces for rings Available in different materials and colors ...

Tray Classico

This is a tray with a thin edge and an internal ring pillow that can be placed both on the long side ...


This tray is made with a wooden structure characterized by a large frame characterized by round corne...

Tray balance

Tray with thick edge in coated wood Available with built-in ring available both on the long side...

Tray flip

Flip tray, made with a covered wooden shell. Realizable with built-in ring. A fabric flap will pro...


Wide-edge tray, available in two sizes Made in Italy

Tray Elegance

Tray with solid wood edge Available with built-in ring available both on the long side and on th...


three couvettes to quickly empty your display cases and store your jewelry in trays with different in...


NEW! A mirror with a sinuous and elegant shape. Totally customizable.


Handy mirror characterized by a clean, self-supporting and inclinable design.


Composed by one piece with clean lines. Linear and big item, totally customizable.


The Claire Couvette is characterized by a completely hidden but functional magnetic closure. It is av...


Couvette Marmotta is practical couvette with fixed lid. The interior is available for rings, earrings...

couvette display

The DISPLAY couvette is perfect for cherishing and enhancing your jewelry. This couvette is designed ...

Jewelry presentation trays: the elegant and practical way to display your jewelry

Jewelry presentation trays are a versatile and useful tool for jewelers and retailers. They can be used to showcase jewelry in a store, at a trade show, or even in a home setting.

To Be Packing jewelry presentation trays are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be both elegant and practical. They are lightweight and easy to move, making them ideal for traveling jewelers.


Customize your jewelry presentation tray with To Be Packing

To Be Packing also offers a wide range of customization options, so you can create a jewelry presentation tray that perfectly matches your brand identity.

Our jewelry display trays can be completely tailor-made as far as colors, materials and interiors are concerned.

Moreover, each jewelry tray can be matched with the other products and the packaging of your jewelry store, creating a coherent brand identity.

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