The Couvette with lid stands out for an additional feature that distinguishes it from the other jewelry display trays: it is equipped with a wraparound lid, which allows you to close it firmly with a simple button, a magnet or a rubber band. It is available in various sizes, one, two or more compartments, and can be made with different materials according to your tastes.

You can choose, for example, cotton if you prefer trays for more modern jewelry, the setalux for a really glamorous and refined product or Pellaq for a whimsical cuvette. The possibilities of personalization are endless: each material of this jewelry display tray can be dyed by choosing the color preferred among those of the range.

materials and colors
Leatherette Nappan Strio
Letherette Coverlim 11
Leatherette Nappan
Suede fabric
Nappan Tecto
Microfibre textile Bukana
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