Jewelry rolls & organizers

A jewelry roll is not just a way to present the jewel to your customers but it is also a useful and appreciated item by those who have already bought the jewel. To Be Packing realizes various jewelry roll bags which can be 100% customized according to your style and your preferences: discover them all!


  Logo included TRAVEL jewelry pouch is a very versatile solution: in addition to being an...


The elegant jewelry rolls of the JEWEL CASE line are suitable for both single and multiple pieces. Th...


The jewelry rolls are not only a way to show the product to your potential customers, but also an acc...


For the line of jewelry rolls, we produce the exquisite TOP rolls in imitation leather. The character...

Jewelry case - VIAGGIO

The elegant travel jewelry rolls signed To Be Packing are ideal for you but also for your customers. ...

Mini Gift - CHELSEA

Mini Gift signed To Be Packing is a small jewelry box with a button closure. Ideal to bring your own ...


The elegant jewelry rolls of the JEWEL CASE line are suitable for both single and multiple pieces. Th...

Elegant jewelry travel rolls

To Be Packing offers the opportunity to create jewelry travel rolls for every need. If your want to give your customers the opportunity to bring the jewels always with them you can choose the following lines:

  • Mini gift: a small jewelry box with a button closure, ideal to bring your own jewels always with you
  • Viaggio: a jewelry travel roll where to put your jewels and travel everywhere
  • Travel: the perfect jewelry roll bag to securely store your jewels


Elegant jewelry roll bags

A special attention is also given to style, class and sophistication: if you want to present jewels to your customers and impress them with a touch of charm, you should choose the most stylish jewelry roll bags, such as:

  • Elegant: a leather roll with nappan in the external part and microfiber on the inside
  • Top: realized in imitation leather, this jewelry roll bag is strapped with a buckle that closes the bag.
  • Portagioie: a jewelry roll with inner reclosable pockets which can also contain the smallest jewels and can be closed rotating a long lanyard around it.


Customize your jewelry rolls with To Be Packing

To Be Packing jewelry rolls are 100% customizable according to your preferences and the style you want to communicate to your customers.


Our expert will follow you every step of the process of design and creation to guarantee you the most suitable solution to your needs and will satisfy your request to create a unique jewelry roll bag.

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