SECCHIO is a paper shopping bag shaped as a bucket. Its line is markedly geometrical, almost to draw an inverted pyramid and very elongated. The shape gives the idea of dynamism, of vertical impetus, and the protruding spikes firmly affirm its identity as a luxury paper shopping bag.

To show off the custom paper shopping bags suitable for your brand, we provide two sizes and different paper models. Each type of paper can be used in different colours: basic colors for Plike and embossed, or a wider choice of shades for Free Life, Sirio and Metal. Even the details of our paper shopping bags are fully customizable.



materials and colors
Paper Ispira
Setalux®, viscose texture with silky effect
KIND - Linen Recycled
Paper Metal
Paper Sirio
Paper Nettuno
Paper imitlin tela
Paper Freelife
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