Watch Pouch

Pouche Cart 1(7x14 cm)494 pezzi

Pouch Double

Double 2 - cud. 2012BIFLOCK BROWN360 pieces

Pouch Quadra

Quadra - cod. 2057 BIFLOCK WHITE448 pieces 

Pouch Anfora

Amphora 6(13x17,5 cm)BIFLOCK BROWN204 pieces

Do you want a coordinated image for your jewelry?

We will create your personalized combination with your logo and colors and materials you like more!

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Pouch Bonnie

Bonnie 1 - cod. 2056FLOCK RED504 pieces

Pouch Bonnie

Pochette portagioielli | Bonnie cod. 2055(10,5 x 17 cm)BIFLOCK MARRONE300 pezzi

Pouch Bonnie

Bonnie 3 - cod. 2053FLOCK RED235 pieces

Cotton cube Box

cotton Cube GREEN 5x5x5,5 cm 18 pieces

Cotton Cube Box

Cotton Cube 3 GREEN 7x7x4 cm 20 pieces

Cotton Girotondo box

Wandering cottondiameter 6GREEN19 pieces

Are you looking for a display for jewelry?

Choose among the numerouses combinations of colors and materials To Be Packing or even personalize it!

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Cube Box

Cube Box117 pcs(10x10x3,5 cm)

Line Gold

Line Gold 8x8 cm WHITE IGUANA   45 pcs

Line Gold

Gold line11x11 cmSetalux ANT. GOLD coverPIG BROWN base25 pieces

Line Gold

  Gold line OR / P 11x11 cm Setalux ANT. GOLD cover PIG BROWN base 50 pieces ...

Box Inn

Box InnREDnecklace Small(No sky)30 pieces

Box Inn

Box Inn RED Necklace (With sky) 100 pieces

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