Ring displays

If you're looking for a beautifully designed ring display, made in Italy from quality materials, tailored to enhance your jewellery, To Be Packing is pleased to present its range of ring displays. Available in both standard and customised formats, with a huge choice of colours and materials, our ring displays provide that touch of class that distinguishes and attracts.

BOSTON ring display

Inspired by the Anglo-Saxon elegance of the American city, the BOSTON ring display has simple shapes ...

CUBETTO ring display

If you love essential and geometric shapes, this ring display is the most suitable model to enhance y...

CUT ring display

The CUT ring display has a strong personality: the cut base, the straight and diagonal lines and its ...

MONACO ring display

MONACO is a ring display inspired by the glamour of the European principality. This display takes up ...

NEW YORK ring display

The Big Apple skyline comes alive in this line of ring displays, inspired by the metal and glass glit...

Principe ring display: the shape of elegance
Principe is a ring display with elongated, slender forms, developed to contrast with velvety materials. Its personality attracts the eye and is suitable for particularly elegant jewellery shops. There is a wide choice of materials and colours, ranging from the soft tones of cream and beige to the brighter shades of cardinal, and the elegance of gold and black.

Cubetto ring display: a youthful character
For jewellers with a young target group, we have created a ring display unit with a fresh and straightforward character: Cubetto, a model that plays with slanted elements and simple shapes to highlight rings of all kinds. The display is available in different models with more or less high bases, depending on the relief you want to give your jewellery.

Cubi ring display: bright and universal shapes
A display that always strikes for its brightness and purity of form is the Cubo: a model with essential lines that embodies universal elegance, capable of integrating into any jewellery, from the most modern to the most traditional. The materials available can give it unexpected personalities: glamorous with pink gold, cool with neige, elegant with cappuccino. The only limit is your imagination.

Ring displays and integrated jewellery displays
Each of the proposed display models is part of a complete line which, in addition to rings, involves necklaces, bracelets and bangles, earrings and other jewellery. The proposals can therefore be coordinated with other displays to create a harmonious and homogeneous showcase for your jewellery.

Added to this are the infinite possibilities for customisation: our designers will listen to your needs and create a tailor-made display line, unique to your jewellery. Contact us without obligation for more information!

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