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The jewelry displays, if chosen with care, can give your jewels even more charm and elegance: discover the To Be Packing proposals and the tips for setting up your shop windows in the best possible way!

Each showcase tells a story, a value, a jewel. That's why it's important to choose carefully how to set it up, starting with jewelry displays. Style, colors, shapes and textures can make a difference in the presentation of a product: they attract and intrigue the customer, give prominence to the jewel, embellish it.


Jewelry display: the proposals of To Be Packing

To Be Packing offers different displays for jewelry, refined and customizable, to make each showcase a little magical world to explore. Thanks to the quality of To Be Packing jewelry displays, each product will be one of a kind, with its own character and style. All you need to do is choose the material, color, shape and model most in line with your tastes.


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Here is the To Be Packing proposal for inimitable jewelry displays.

Paris jewelry displays

With a delicate oval shape, Paris jewelry displays are modular displays for rings, necklaces and bracelets. They are perfect if you want to create an elegant and refined showcase that enhances the grace of your jewels.

Available in numerous colors and various materials, these To Be Packing displays are fully customizable - even on small quantities. It is also possible to create a coordinated combination with your logo, your favorite colors and materials.


display parigi


London jewelry displays

The London jewelry display line features a circular base, made of brass or nickel. On the upper part, there is a circular bearing with the support for rings, earrings, or watches.

It is a display for jewelry with a truly original design, which easily catches the eye and makes the most of the jewel.


display london


New York jewelry displays

The jewelry displays of the New York line come with a rectangular base with slightly rounded sides. A style that recalls the classic taste but with contemporary references. They are available with or without lacquered base, according to your wishes or needs.

Also in this case the choice between colors and materials is really vast and cannot fail to satisfy all tastes and all styles of rings and earrings. This line also includes a raised base that can serve as a support for jewelry displays.

display new york


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How to use jewelry displays in your shop windows: some tips

Choosing the right combination of jewelry displays can make the showcase attractive and help the customer to choose a product. To create a showcase of value it is necessary to follow some precautions.

Here are some tips.

Color combinations: the combinations must be appropriate to the theme of the showcase, remembering that cold colors communicate order, freshness, cleanliness, while warm ones stimulate warmth and emotion

Display: you can play with shapes, colors, materials, which must always maintain a certain coherence. The important thing is to always reflect the image of the customer you want to reach and make the most of the jewels

Product categories: it may be a good idea - depending on what you want to prefer in the jewelry display - to divide the various product categories into different showcases

Theme: a showcase with a specific theme (eg Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day) is immediately recognizable and clear in its communicative intent.

Periodic renewal: the display case should be changed approximately every 20-25 days. A showcase that is always treated and renewed gives a dynamic and modern image of the jewelry itself and is more likely to stimulate the curiosity of customers.


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