High quality jewelry boxes: the best way to display your jewels

When it comes to jewelry, presentation is the most important thing, whether you are giving a gift or showing a product to a customer. For this reason, you should choose jewelry boxes carefully. Discover high quality jewelry boxes by To Be Packing.

To Be Packing high quality jewelry boxes are available in a very wide range of models with a unique Italian design, superior materials and many customization possibilities to offer your customers a refined and elegant packaging.

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High quality jewelry boxes by To Be Packing

Aria - Handmade jewelry box

high quality jewelry box ariaAria is the range of elaborated jewelry boxes that are suitable to be finished with decorations and combinations of refined and sophisticated colors, for a unique packaging.

The design is extremely elegant and sophisticated, the wide choice of sizes makes it suitable for any jewel and the lateral sliding opening creates an even more practical and safe packaging.

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Girotondo - Small jewelry box

high quality jewelry box girotondoGirotondo is the range of jewelry boxes characterized by soft and sinuous lines, suitable for any kind of jewelry but perfect as ring boxes or ring holders

It is available in a wide variety of sizes and heights that adapt to all the jewelry collections and meet every customer’s needs.

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Emerald - The new jewelry boxes collection

high quality jewelry box emeraldAvailable in a wide range of colors and materials, Emerald is a minimal, yet elegant, box designed for rings, necklaces and bracelets.

The high quality fabrics available in this range contribute to getting a better customer experience.

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Astuccio 50 - Innovative jewelry boxes

high quality jewelry box astuccioAstuccio 50 is made of wood and is covered with fine fabrics, such as Velvet and Bukana. The square shapes are softened by the soft and sinuous corners that give extreme sweetness to the packaging, all combined with the extremely simple and functional opening. 

A unique feature of these jewelry boxes are the small joints that run along the side, giving a special grace to the overall design.

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Why quality jewelry boxes are important 

A jewelry box has several functions: to store the jewel, protecting it from potential damages, and to present it to the public enhancing its value in order to make it attractive in the eyes of customers. 

How is it possible to reach that goal? By choosing a quality jewelry box that matches with the style and the beauty of the jewel. 

With To Be Packing you can choose among many different coatings, colors and materials and to finish it with personalized prints and embroidery.


Choose To Be Packing for high quality jewelry boxes

To Be Packing creates high quality jewelry boxes with the craftsmanship tradition of Made in Italy, without forgetting innovation of the industrial technology.

Choosing a quality jewelry box by To Be Packing means choosing a custom-made product that will interpret the value of your jewel and that will be ready in just a few weeks. Our lead time, in fact, is between 30 and 60 days.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to realize a complete series of jewelry provisions for your business in order to build a coordinated image of your brand identity.


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