Jewelry boxes

Do you want a custom packaging for your jewelry products? On this page, you will find the complete range of our jewelry boxes: we produce jewelry box from scratch, designed based on your specific requests, but we can also modify existing designs.


The MATCH line includes compact and colorful jewelry boxes for glamorous jewelry, to be personalized ...


RAIL belongs to the range of jewelry boxes with rigid, versatile and elegant cardboard, characterized...


CLICK is the range of jewelry boxes with the central opening that you do not expect. Its traditional ...


Easy is the classic jewelry box made of rigid cardboard, consisting of lid and bottom in square or re...


Tao jewelry box is a combination of parallelepiped shapes of different sizes, studied in elegant and ...


Magnetik jewelry boxes are made of solid cardboard and equipped with magnetic clasp, to offer you the...

Do you want a coordinated image for your jewelry?

We will create your personalized combination with your logo and colors and materials you like more!

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Club is the perfect jewelry box for those who want to give a touch of class to their products. Made o...


The CLUB ELEGANCE line encloses boxes for elegant jewelry with a delicate and classic design: perfect...


Line Elegance jewelry boxes boast one of the most successful designs. The clean and elegant lines mak...


LINE PLUS is part of the range of classic and timeless cardboard jewelry boxes, which is why it boast...


Among our range of sophisticated jewelry boxes, LINE GOLD is among the most appreciated by each custo...

Are you looking for a display for jewelry?

Choose among the numerouses combinations of colors and materials To Be Packing or even personalize it!

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Prime is a cardboard box covered with fabric, whose base is made of wood.The classic and elegant desi...


SNAP is the range of minimal boxes for jewelry characterized by a modern, functional and refined desi...


GIROTONDO is the range of jewelry boxes characterized by soft and sinuous lines, suitable for any kin...


PARIGINO is the range of romantic jewelry boxes designed to exalt, with their refined structure, the ...


Aria is the range of elaborated jewelry boxes that are suitable to be finished with decorations and c...


CRUISE is the range of simple and minimalist jewelry boxes characterized by a square and dynamic desi...


Terra jewelry boxes recall the majesty and solidity of wood.Made both of natural wood and elegant lac...


Royal Jewelry boxes feature an elegant and regal design that will give even more value to the beauty ...

Astuccio 50

Astuccio 50 jewelry box presents a modern and innovative design of the latest generation.Astuccio 50 ...


To Be Packing manufactures special custom made jewelry boxes.You can choose from a wide range of mate...

A personalized packaging is essential to enhance your jewelries, in whatever context they are exposed, and to give voice to your brand identity. Find out below how to personalize your jewelry boxes with our proposals.



Choose the jewelry box that most mirrors you

You can choose different forms of jewelry boxes: hard cases, round cases, cases for elongated jewels, flattened, casket, boxes specifically designed for earrings and rings. You can dress them with different materials, apply your logo or brand name on one of the face of the box, use suggestive color schemes and apply branded tapes.

Not only that, on request we provide a design study of the layout, which will allow you to create the coordinated image for your jewelry in terms of matching colors and materials. With jewelry boxes combined with exhibitors and other items, your jewelry will communicate its visual identity, instantly recognizable.

To know more about how we make custom boxes for earring packaging, read here.

Communicate your identity with custom boxes

Jewelry boxes are an integral part of your offer, because when a jewel is purchased, perhaps to give it to an important person, much of the expectation is built from the appearance of the box.

Jewelry boxes of high quality and modern design elegantly anticipate their precious content and strike the attention of the lucky recipient.

That is why you have to count a lot on the choice of your jewelry boxes and not consider them simple containers, but elements able to exalt the value of your jewels. A recognizable packaging becomes a guarantee of the notoriety of your brand, and enriching the case with your logo, writings or other characteristic graphic elements, associate your brand to the idea of quality and attention to details.


Variety of shapes, sizes and colors

As you can see through all the jewelry boxes presented in this section, in To Be Packing we make of the variety a strength: variety of sizes, shapes and shades for your jewelry boxes.

  • You can choose between decided and squared shapes, like the classic case EASY or CLICK models, or decide to break the patterns and opt for a box with soft and rounded lines (for example the GIROTONDO model).
  • If you prefer an essential and minimal style, tip on case types such as the PRIME BOX or the CRUISE. Do you want something more lively? Choose a PARISIAN or an AIR.

And for high-end boxes, we offer 3 top series: The ELEGANCE, the PLUS and the GOLD line.


Wood jewelry boxes, coated with the material you prefer

Our jewelry cases are made from two basic elements for the structure, rigid cardboard or wood. Depending on your needs, you can choose the most suitable material for the coating, but you can also leave the cardboard and the wood in bare version.

For the coating, we offer materials such as cotton, Pellaq, Setalux, Similvelluto, wood effect paper, Plike, Sirio, Crocus and many others. Each of these coatings is available in different colors: warm or cold, shiny or opaque, soft or more decided, classic or modern.

Among the jewelry boxes made of wood, three are the most precious models:

  • EARTH, in natural or lacquered wood and leather inserts
  • ROYAL, fully hand-lined
  • CASE 50, with contemporary design.



Cardboard jewelry boxes

Cardboard jewelry boxes are economic, light and boast a minimal design that always attracts. Most of our jewelry boxes are made of cardboard, studied and designed to offer a unique mix of feelings that involves both sight and touch through different colors and materials.




Of course, carboard jewelry boxes are available in different models, sizes and can be customized by choosing the desired combination of materials and shades, playing with the available coatings. Our staff will help you in finding the best way to express your brand identity via the visual element of the boxes.



Personalized ribbons and shoppers for your jewelry boxes

Once you have chosen your box, you can pair it with ribbons and shopper branded with which to close the packaging elegantly. For each jewelry box, we offer an assortment of ribbons to complete with your logo, brand name, writings or other graphic elements.

Not only ribbons and bags, but also custom embossed paper, vellum, pack, plasticized or metallized, customizable with the colors and elements of your brand identity.


To Be Packing: artisan tradition and technological touch

Among our jewelry boxes, you won't even find a model that will make you say "already seen", because each specimen is unique, customizable, coordinating and the result of a skilful production process that combines the most modern technologies to the secrets of the artisanship.

All the production is internalized: our products are original, built with quality materials, and proudly made in Italy.

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