Luxury wooden jewelry boxes: between craftsmanship and innovation

To Be Packing offers different models of luxury wooden jewelry boxes, fully customizable with different fabrics and colors, to accompany and frame the beauty of your most precious jewelry.

When it comes to refined and luxurious packaging, wood is one of the first materials we think of. This is because it is an element able to confer value, with an inevitable reference to the past, to the artisanal tradition, to an idea of experience and competence.

To Be Packing takes the qualities of this material and enhances them with fabrics and ribbons of great elegance, obtaining luxury jewelry boxes.


To Be Packing luxury wooden boxes

The entire To Be Packing range is made with top-quality materials, to ensure a luxury result in every detail. Here are some examples among the most appreciated by our customers.



Luxury wooden jewelry boxes dakotaMore than just a box, Dakota is a real piece of furniture. Laminated wood alternates with Alcantara interiors, forming 3 drawers with 8 spaces each. To complete the composition, a lined lid and a carrying handle.



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Luxury wooden jewelry boxes candyCandy is a box containing a Girotondo case, which rests on a mirror and is covered by a glass case.

A splendid game of reflections will make the jewels kept inside even more shiny.


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Luxury wooden jewelry boxes princessThe Princess line includes different models of boxes with front openings made of wood, customizable with different fabrics and colors to express the identity and elegance of your jewelry.

Each model can be printed with a custom graphic.


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Luxury custom wooden boxes: our projects 

Luxury brands require really excellent products.
Here are some examples of wooden boxes made for our customers, customized in every aspect.



billionaire Luxury wooden jewelry boxesWood jewelry boxes made for Billionaire, with personalized interiors and refined colors to best represent the sophistication of the brand.

The customer chose not to cover the box, preferring the natural look of wood and enhancing it with golden details.


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luxor Luxury wooden jewelry boxesFor Luxor we focused on a tailor-made project to accommodate and store a diamond necklace. The precision of the details and the choice of quality materials make it a highly sophisticated and refined luxury box.



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Display box for IGM

display Luxury wooden jewelry boxesDisplay is a simple line of wooden boxes, but at the same time articulated, characterized by a square and dynamic design.

The line has been customized for the customer IGM (Institut de Gemmologie Monaco) by printing the logo on the boxes.


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Customize your wooden jewelry box with To Be Packing

If what distinguishes your brand is elegance and originality, To Be Packing will be able to make the most of what you want. Thanks to the great possibilities of customization, you can get a custom-made jewelry box that perfectly meets your requests.

In this way, thanks to the quality of the wood and the style of the design chosen with To Be Packing, you can embellish your products even more.

Shape your ideas: with To Be Packing, your luxury wooden jewelry box will be the mirror of your excellence.

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