Our production of jewelry boxes, from idea to result

In the world of luxury and elegance, every detail counts. This is the principle that guides To Be Packing in the creation of jewelry boxes. Discover our creation process, from initial inspiration to realization.

Our philosophy is based on uniqueness, quality and an unrivaled customer experience, which we believe are fundamental to the production of jewelry boxes. When a piece of jewelry is carefully selected and purchased, the box containing it is the first visual and tactile contact with the product: this is where the luxury experience begins.

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The production process of jewelry boxes

To Be Packing's production process starts with listening: every customer has a story, a need, a vision. Understanding the message the brand wants to convey through its packaging is the first step in creating something unique.

Next, comes the design phase. Our designers work closely with clients, turning their visions into reality. At this stage, the combination of traditional craft techniques and cutting-edge technology is key. The art of craftsmanship blends with technological innovation to create products that are not only aesthetically perfect but also functional and durable.

The manufacturing stage is where the vision takes shape. We use only the finest materials, carefully selected to ensure that each jewelry box lives up to the expectations of our customers and their consumers. Precision craftsmanship, combined with technology, allows us to create custom-made products that reflect the identity of each brand and best enhance the jewelry they contain.


Some examples of custom products

Every project represents a journey that needs to be personally followed from idea to realization, and at To Be Packing we are committed to supporting you every step of the process.

Looking for inspiration for custom designs for your jewelry? Here are some ideas developed for our customers:

  • AME Jewelry Boxes: A design that celebrates beauty through packaging that combines elegance and sophistication. With their rounded shapes, these boxes stand out for their originality and their ability to capture the customer's attention.

  • Christie's Jewelry Boxes: A legendary name in the luxury world, for which we created boxes that reflect the high standard of their jewelry. For this project, we made custom paper boxes with typographic lettering and a soft velvet interior.

  • Billionaire Wooden Boxes: A brand synonymous with luxury, for which we produced wooden boxes in enticing colors, with gold details and customized interiors.



Choose quality, uniqueness and an unrivaled experience for your luxury packaging.

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