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When you choose the packaging supplies for your jewelry you have first to consider the quality of products to be purchased, which is declined in a variety of aspects ranging from the type of materials used to the techniques of realization of the products. At To Be Packing you will find supplies for jewelry shops made with very high attention to quality standards.

To Be Packing packaging supplies for jewelry

Variety of styles, designs and products: in the To Be Packing product catalog you will find everything you need for complete packaging supplies for your jewelry. When you decide to set up a showcase or renew its style, finding a solution that suits your needs is not always easy.

However, thanks to the wide range of solutions offered by To Be Packing, you will be able to find the products that best suit your style and needs. Let's discover them below.


Displays for jewelry

Packaging supplies for jewelry cubettoCubetto displays: with a minimal cut and classic details at the same time, the displays in this line are among the most popular with customers. They are a balanced combination of simple shapes and supple lines, accompanying the delicacy of the jewelry without obscuring its beauty and style.

Packaging supplies for jewelry londonLondon display stands: this is a very original line characterized by a circular base that can be made of brass or nickel on which different jewelry stands can be placed. These jewelry displays are available in 5 different materials and numerous color variations.

Packaging supplies for jewelry cuoreCuore Displays: soft, rounded and sinuous shapes, perfect for giving a touch of romanticism to jewelry. Although they are characterized by a simple and linear style, they are perfect to enhance the most refined and elegant jewelry.


Jewelry boxes

Packaging supplies for jewelry mignonMignon Jewelry Boxes: the latest creation from To Be Packing, this line of cases is colorful, dynamic and lively, without lacking in elegance. Its clean geometric shapes are well suited to accompany and enhance even the most precious jewelry.

Packaging supplies for jewelryOtto Jewelry Boxes: a line of wooden jewel boxes hand-coated with premium materials. The octagonal shape makes this jewelry box a unique product and the two front doors allow you to reveal the jewelry in a poetic and valuable opening gesture.

Packaging supplies for jewelry ariaAria Jewelry Boxes: this is a line of cases made of wood and hand-coated, with padded inserts included. That's exactly why the production time is about 30 working days. The simplicity of the design of these cases is embellished by the available accessories: external print, ribbon, extra interior, real leather lining.


Jewelry stock cases 

Packaging supplies for jewelry giannocciGiannocci stock case: is composed of a solid wood casket that can be customized in its dimensions. It is the ideal supply for jewelry if you are looking for a solution that fits the furniture already present in the store. In fact, the external structure of the chest of drawers can be customized according to your needs.


Packaging supplies for jewelry trolleyTrolley stock case: this product has unique features that make it especially suitable for frequent travelers who need to carry many products with them. This chest of drawers is a composition of jewelry trays that can be customized in styles and colors. The perfect solution to keep your jewelry neat and within reach at all times.



Jewelry pouches

Packaging supplies for jewelry anforaAnfora pouches: is a line of amphora-shaped pouches that can be made with the printing of your logo, to have a unique packaging that tells about your brand.



Packaging supplies for jewelry double pouchesDouble pouches: these pouches are configured in a flat design, with two pockets in which to insert the jewelry. Available in many materials and colors, it is an original solution to offer to customers to contain and protect their precious purchases.


Packaging supplies for jewelryFlower pouches: a flower-shaped pochette with a thousand petals, easily opened and closed with a cord. It is a 100% Made in Italy product that can be printed with your own logo.


Shopping aid

Packaging supplies for jewelry ring trayRing Tray: This is a tray with a coated wood edge and a built-in ring tray with 9 spaces. This is a handmade stand that can be used for both window dressing and in the presentation of jewelry to the customer. Like other To Be Packing jewelry store supplies, these trays are also customizable according to request.

Packaging supplies for jewelry tray balanceTray Balance: it is a tray entirely handmade with first quality materials and according to the Made in Italy handicraft tradition. The edge is made of wood covered with customizable materials and inside you can insert a ring with 9 spaces.




How to choose packaging supplies for your jewelry

The setting up of a jewelry store and of all its environments requires a precise study of the final result you wish to obtain: every element contributes to creating an atmosphere, conveying emotion, and creating an image in the customer's mind.

For this reason, it is important to choose a supply that reflects as much as possible the style and values of your brand. 

Materials and colors are fundamental elements to be considered for the creation of one's own style: it is for this reason that To Be Packing allows you to customize your jewelry supplies with many options of colors and textures.


From To Be Packing packaging supplies for jewelry for all tastes

To Be Packing's range of products and services has been designed with the aim of satisfying customers' requests in mind. Whether you want a highly customized product rather than a standard and essential supply, the experts at To Be Packing will support you in finding the jewelry supply that's right for you:

  • Wide variety of materials and colors
  • Many designs to choose from and customize according to your needs
  • Standard products available for immediate delivery
  • Possibility to realize tailor-made projects, for 100% unique solutions
  • Not only supplies for jewelry stores: To Be Packing also offers products for cosmetics, fashion, wine & food and much more.


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