The best necklace boxes and how to choose the right one for you

Necklace boxes are not simply containers, but they play a key role in the jewelry world. Choosing the right box can make a big difference in the presentation of your jewelry and in the customer experience. With To Be Packing you have a reliable partner at your disposal to create high-quality and custom necklace boxes.

In this article, we will explore:


The importance of a high-quality necklace box

When it comes to presenting a necklace or a valuable parure, the making of the box that will contain the jewelry set cannot be underestimated. Choosing the right packaging can transform the entire experience for the customer and give a luxurious touch to your product. 

A well-designed box, made of fine materials, in addition, not only enhances the necklace aesthetically, but also protects it from damage resulting from bumps and scratches. It must, in fact, also be quite sturdy and durable to prevent damage during transportation and storage.


Examples of necklace boxes

Princess box

scatola per collane e parure Princess

Princess necklace and parures box is an excellent example of high quality and elegance. Made from premium materials, it features an elegant and refined design. This model is the preferred choice of jewelers who wish to store and display precious and high-end jewelry.


Otto box

scatola per collane otto

Otto collection offers boxes with a simple and elegant design. It is suitable for a wide range of necklaces and provides a reliable protection for different types of jewelry. It is a versatile choice that is best suited to any type of jewelry.


Luxor box

scatola per collane luxor

Luxor is a custom jewelry box made with an innovative design for one of our clients.

The precision of the details and the choice of high-quality materials make it a highly sophisticated and sophisticated product. This case is designed specifically as a casket for a diamond necklace.


To Be Packing: much more than just a box supplier

To Be Packing is a trusted partner for luxury brands around the world. Our company stands out for its dedication to the art of packaging through:

  • Customization of every detail – Customization is crucial in the world of jewelry. To Be Packing offers the possibility to customize necklace boxes with your logo, unique colors and designs. This allows you to create distinctive packaging that will stand out from competitors;
  • Quality of materials - The quality of materials used by To Be Packing is unparalleled. Boxes are made of fine materials that ensure the protection and elegance of your jewelry.
  • Innovative design - To Be Packing is at the forefront of necklace box design. Our creations are characterized by a modern and innovative style that will add a touch of class to your products.
  • Customer service attention - To Be Packing customer service is impeccable. We are ready to assist you at every stage, from the design, to the choice of details, to customization, always ensuring smooth collaboration.


The perfect necklace box is just a step away from you