This case is part of our Lusso collection-a line of parorues and cases for important jewelry.
The collection features exclusive designs, handcrafted in a variety of textured leathers, all covered in the softest suede for storage. More than cases, they can be considered real jewel boxes. Made for your presiozi unique pieces, they are objects that give value not only to your jewelry but also to the presentation of it. The precision of the details and the choice of quality materials make them a highly sophisticated and sought-after product.
Each piece is expertly designed and crafted to the highest standards, a testament to the company's commitment to protecting and preserving your valuables.  The timeless design of the Lusso collection gives it a classic and understated appeal.These products are crafted with timeless elegance and exceptional quality to enhance the beauty of the treasures they hold. They are meticulously crafted to allow you to content your jewelry for every day. 
In a fast-paced world in which most things are worthless, we honor masterpieces relaized to be used and administrated for generations.


For 25 years, we have been realiim quality products with the highest standards in the market. With ethically sourced materials and solid Italian craftsmanship, we aim to create permanent packaging for your jewelry..

Luxor is only available in one size and will be the right scriglio for your diamond necklaces. It has a front button closure hidden by a webbing. The fold-over front opening creates a magical wow effect.



materials and colors
Microfibre textile Bukana
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