Custom bracelet boxes

The finest and classiest way to present a jewel is to host it in a precious case: To Be Packing realizes tailor-made and custom bracelet boxes, the ideal solution for your jewelry.



Bracelet boxes are a versatile, elegant and multifunctional idea for your jewelry store. They are the most professional way to present your jewelry and become valuable gift boxes that will win over your customers.

The secret is to make bracelet boxes with a defined personality: leave the idea of standard boxes and rely on the professionalism and experience of the To Be Packing craftsmen. Below are some of the bracelet boxes we can create and customize for you.


Our recommended custom bracelet boxes for you

Here are some models that you can adopt as they are or customize according to your taste or the lines of your brand identity.


Classic and glamorous bracelet boxes


box easy



EASY. Carton in rigid cardboard, with lid and rigid bottom. A classic but neat packaging, also ideal as wedding favors. In addition to the "standard" version made exclusively of paper, it is also available in an "elegance" version with a fabric and varnished paper cover.




box tao


TAO. An elegant and refined bracelet box with a deep lid that adds volume to the packaging. Tao is the paper or fabric case that fully enhances your jewel thanks to the possibility to choose between several materials and colours.





boxes club


CLUB ELEGANCE. This is one of the two versions of the Club line, made externally and internally of leather with a delicate design: two square bases that fit together to leave a very fine vanishing point. A discreet yet valuable casket.





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Minimal and modern bracelet boxes


boxes rail



RAIL. Compact, colorful boxes with a modern look thanks to the sliding opening. The packaging box is light and versatile: it fits all your bracelets. RAIL bracelet cases are made of rigid cardboard, with a sliding band where you can print your logo on sight.




boxes snap


SNAP. Modern and attractive design, thanks to the magnetic lid, but with just the right touch of sophistication. The lines are simple and enhance any bracelet. Snap is the range of minimalist jewelry boxes characterized by a modern design that is both functional and refined.




box parigino


PARIGINO. Essentially romantic with a vintage touch, Parigino is the bracelet box that will crown the most beautiful moments in your clients' lives. Available in a variety of versions, it can be adapted to suit your needs to make the most of your bracelets.





boxes cruise


CRUISE. Square but dynamic, with an interlocking opening that perfectly seals the case, Cruise is the simple and minimal case with a unique character. Available in different sizes, it is a guarantee of style and elegance.





boxes aria



ARIA. Made of wood and coated by hand, this is a case that can be decorated and combined for a unique and extremely refined packaging. Thanks to the wide range of colors and materials, finding the right bracelet case for your needs is easy.




Soft and curvy bracelet boxes


box girotondo


GIROTONDO. Whichever way you look at it, Girotondo retains its soft, almost playful soul. If you want to make an extremely high-quality bracelet case, you can make it in velvet and nappa leather. If you want to keep a more sober and minimal style, you can opt for cotton, flocked or other available materials.




astuccio 50



ASTUCCIO 50. This is the latest generation of bracelet cases, reminiscent of the sinuous shapes of the cases of yesteryear. The perfect combination of tradition and innovation that characterizes the entire To Be Packing production




At To Be Packing, we offer a wide range of bracelet cases in many different designs: minimal, elegant, classic, in neutral or pastel colors, coated with a variety of materials, customized with logos or custom lettering.


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