Made In Italy Jewelry Boxes

The allure of Made in Italy enclosed in your jewelry boxes. With To Be Packing custom designs, the most precious gems will always be in the spotlight.



Every detail does matter in the presentation of your jewels. The position of your boxes in the showcase, their colors and the materials selected: all these elements contribute to catch the attention of customers passing in front of your window-shop.

To Be Packing is renowned for its Made in Italy jewelry boxes. At the heart of our philosophy, there is a fervent passion for high-quality, sophisticated, handmade cases which epitomize beauty

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To Be Packing Custom Range of Jewelry Boxes

Whenever you are passing in front of a jewelry, what you are really looking for is to be amazed. Our cases are designed and crafted with this in mind. We want to inspire people and show them that beauty can be found everywhere, at any time.

The value of our products is rooted in our unwavering strive for quality and perfection. Here, you can find some examples of our Made in Italy jewelry boxes.






The new Emerald collection balances luxury and modern nuances. Each jewelry box is Made in Italy, hand-coated with superior materials to deliver an exclusive line. The cases can be customized to meet your needs and enhance your brand image.


Discover the Emerald collection






Timeless allure in a box. The Parigino collection is the quintessential expression of romance. Inspired by the artistic streets of Paris, this jewelry box is the perfect choice for those who seek simplicity and grace. Discover the unparalleled experience only Parigino can provide with its external coating in Nappan and Satin - for a silky touch


Choose our Made in Italy Parigino jewelry box





Like a gentle breeze, the Aria collection features a contemporary aesthetic which truly encapsulates the spirit of our times. This Made in Italy jewelry box is crafted with top-tier materials, including a design in real leather. Every detail is a sign of the commitment of To Be Packing to create exclusive cases for high-end jewels. 

With a lateral sliding opening, this series can be customized with tailored ribbons, external printing and additional inserts. 


Discover all the Aria shades and customizations


Take your gems to the next level with our Made In Italy jewelry boxes and enhance your showcase.

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How Made In Italy Jewelry Boxes Are Designed

Tradition and innovation are the cornerstones of our production. The craftsmanship of our Italian artisans meets modern design techniques for an impeccable final result

Choosing To Be Packing means to select a valuable partner for your Made in Italy tailored jewelry boxes. Whether you wish to make your brand stand out with a coordinated image or you are looking for a wonderful case for the most precious pieces, we have the right solution for you. 

This is how we design our boxes.

  • First, we meet with the customer to better understand their needs in terms of materials, shapes and colors. Every element is essential, as it is an integral part of their brand identity
  • Then, we select the finest materials, such as wood or hardboard that can be coated with Setalux, velvet, leather or cotton, based on the aesthetic effect required.
  • Our Made in Italy jewelry boxes are available in different nuances and dimensions in order to fit your showcase wonderfully.
  • For a final, elegant touch, we also provide you with personalized ribbons, shoppers and paper to surprise your clients with the most immersive shopping experience.

To Be Packing will be by your side throughout the process, giving you suggestions and establishing a relationship based on trust, as you can count on us for every single step of your jewelry journey. 


You need help for your bespoke, Made in Italy jewelry boxes production? Select To Be Packing as partner for your next project 

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Why choosing the items of To Be Packing?
  • Exclusive design
  • Personalization also for low quantities.
  • Quick production and delivery
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