Jewelry pouches

Jewelry pouches have a strategic role in a jewelry store: they are complementary accessories that add softness and elegance to any display, as a perfect alternative to traditional cases and boxes.

In this page you will find the entire range of jewelry pouches manufactured in Italy by To Be Packing.


Classic amphora-shaped velvet bags for jewelry, customizable with brand logo and available in differe...


BONNIE is a classic rectangular-shaped pochette, the slightly curled top edge naturally gives a refin...


Square Small pochette in Velvet and leatherette, available in many models and sizes. QUADRA small jew...


Double side Pochette SWITCH, reclosable with front strap and wallet opening. SWITCH is a refined jewe...


Watch is a pouch for watches with button closure or without, available in different sizes, colors and...


Jewelry pouch in high quality genuine Italian leather, reclosable with practical drawcord and entirel...


BALL jewelry bag in Velvet, taffeta and leatherette, available in many colors and different sizes. BA...


DODO is an elegant jewelry pouch, made of velvet or imitation leather and available in many colours a...

Do you want a coordinated image for your jewelry?

We will create your personalized combination with your logo and colors and materials you like more!

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OPEN is a line of original jewelry bags, small pochettes in Velvet or leatherette available in many m...


CAROL is a three-dimensional pochette with a wave edge, with a romantic style. When opened, these jew...


The velvet bags for jewelry of the FLOWER series recall a flower with a thousand petals, as the name ...


The FELT POUCHES are refined bags for jewelry , characterized by a delicate elegance given by the sha...


COMODO is a felt jewelry bag with clip button, which takes on a tin shape when opened and compresses ...


Baguette is a felt jewelry bag, a nice idea with a simple but elegant design, with braided rope and w...


GIFT WALLET is a little gem of design, perfect in a woman's bag but also suitable to complete the sty...


GIFT WALLET is a little gem of design, perfect in a woman's bag but also suitable to complete the sty...


CALLA is different from all other jewelry bags: the small square case, with vertical opening on the u...

Are you looking for a display for jewelry?

Choose among the numerouses combinations of colors and materials To Be Packing or even personalize it!

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SUMMER / WINTER is the case made of felt, light and waterproof, or in lycra. It is closed by a thin e...


The TRAVEL Pochette is a special jewelry bag, with soft and cosy lines, with two-string drawstring cl...


FLIRT jewelry pouches are linear but refined at the same time. With a square and clean shape, they ar...


The Double pouches have two different pockets, where you can comfortably store your jewels. If necess...


The Double pouch has a flat and well-defined line with a simple wallet opening, the interior has two ...


The Double pouch with button has a defined line, flat and with a wallet opening. Once opened reveals ...

To Be Packing offers a wide choice of jewelry pouches as far as materials, shapes and colors are concerned: you can choose among cashmere, faux leather, suede or alcantara, velvet, felt and cotton. Match your favorite material with the best color to create the perfect pouch.




Besides being a great idea to vary your display and add a touch of color, jewelry pouches are a prestigious idea for a gift, a cadeau or as a solution for travelers. They are perfect to easily and safely store earrings, rings and bracelets. If you want to know more about how we make custom pouches for earrings packaging, read here.

Jewelry pouches wholesale

To Be Packing accepts both stock orders and small orders with customization possibilities. Of course, on wholesale orders we can optimize the process of design and production, offering a convenient price; but we can customize jewelry pouches even in smaller quantities.

Let’s take a look at our customization possibilities:

Customized jewelry pouches

You can choose your favorite jewelry pouch model from the listing below and choose the color and the material you want to pair to create something unique. On request, we can also study particular shapes and size to meet your requirements.

What’s your favorite material? The traditional feeling of cotton or the softness of velvet? The brilliance of nappan or the mesmerizing effect of suede? Pick the material that best fits your visual and emotional identity to offer an unforgettable experience.




Choose the color: the delicacy of pastel tones is a good choice for young and elegant jewelry stores, while traditional hues such as purple and black are ideal for glamour jewelries. Flaring colors such as turquoise or emerald are the best for modern jewelries with a strong personality. What’s your choice?




Jewelry bags

To Be Packing also creates jewelry pouches in bigger size: jewelry bags for any kind of jewel, also customizable like any other product from our collection. The bags for jewelry are available in a wide choice of models with different shapes and personalities: take Bonnie, a simple yet elegant bag that can be easily closed with a thin elastic band:




Mezzaluna, meaning half moon in Italian, is a small bag for jewelry with a clear design, ideal for travel:




Open stands out among common jewelry bags for its creative and original design:




Browse the collection listed below to see all the models!


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