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To Be Packing is your trusted partner for creating custom jewelry packaging, personalized with your logo and customizable in the size, colors, shapes and materials. You can choose between cases, boxes, pouches, rolls, and combine them with shoppers, paper and ribbons. We collect and ship orders worldwide!


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Why offer your customers anonymous and standardized packages, when you can have your own personalized jewelry packaging? As custom jewelry packaging manufacturers, customizing your jewelry packaging of your jewelry with your logo, your name or motto is our specialty: in To Be Packing, we make personalized jewelry packaging using the best materials, from velvet to Alcantara, from eco-leather to cotton, from suede to Nappan, in a wide variety of colors and shades. Materials, colors, shapes and sizes can be all customized according to your needs.

Below you can find our options for creating your new custom-made jewelry packaging.



To Be Packing's custom logo jewelry packaging: product categories

Still unsure about how to style and personalize your custom jewelry packaging? Take a look at our product categories: you will find many different models, from classic cases to modern 3D pouches.

Custom jewelry boxes

custom-jewelry-boxesIf you are looking for a classic model for your custom logo jewelry packaging, you can opt for To Be Packing's jewelry boxes: beautiful rigid cases designed according to your requests. Our range includes many customized boxes, with side openings, central openings, from above. The styles are the most varied, from the most glamorous to the most minimal, from the most romantic to the most exotic.



Custom jewelry cases

custom-jewelry-casesJewelry cases are the perfect solution to store your jewels if you are looking for a reliable, practical and organized way to bring your products with you. A jewelry case can also be used to store a collection of jewels, displaying them all together in a unique frame. Just like the boxes and all the other product categories, jewelry cases can be fully customized according to your needs, creating the style and shape that best suit your needs.



Custom jewelry pouches

custom-jewelry-pouchesThis custom jewelry packaging solution is a precious and soft alternative to the box. Our jewelry pouches wrap the jewels with their sinuous and warm shapes, among which your logo stands out as a seal that attests to the highest quality. Here too, the models are the most varied: more squared, more three-dimensional, handbag, amphora, envelope. Anything your heart desires.



Custom watch boxes

custom-watch-boxesWatch boxes and cases are designed to store any kind of watch in the best possible way. From single and double boxes, to bigger cases that can house entire collections, To Be Packing creates just the perfect solution for you. You just have to ask us what you need, or like, in terms of colors, materials, shapes and size, or be inspired from our standard lines.



Custom jewelry rolls

custom-logo-jewelry-packaging-rollsIn addition to being an excellent personalized jewelry packaging solution, our jewelry rolls are also a practical travel tool: firmly organized inside the roll, jewelry and watches will be protected from any damage and will take up minimal space in the suitcase. These custom made jewelry packaging solutions also become an original gift idea that your customers will love.


Custom earring packaging

custom-jewelry-packaging-earringCustom earring packaging is an essential element in the presentation and protection of your valuable earrings. Our team works closely with you to create earring packaging that not only looks beautiful but also offers maximum protection for your delicate earrings during transport and storage. 

We use high-quality materials and the latest printing techniques to produce custom earring packaging that perfectly fits your needs, whether you require a small box for a single pair of earrings or a larger case for multiple pairs.



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Real examples of custom projects

To provide you with a better understanding of our capabilities and the level of customization we can offer, here you can find real examples of custom projects we have undertaken for our clients. These projects was tailored to the specific needs and requirements of our clients, and we worked closely with them to ensure that the end result was a perfect fit for their brand and product. 


Pisa Orologeria

custom-jewelry-packaging-pisaOur exclusive jewelry packaging and displays are designed to showcase the beauty and elegance of jewelry packaging made for "Lancette", the stunning first jewelry collection created by Maristella and Chiara Pisa. Each piece in this collection is a tribute to the timeless art of goldsmith craftsmanship, and our packaging is crafted with the same level of care and attention to detail. 



custom-jewelry-packaging-ameWe take pride in creating packaging that not only protects your products but also elevates their presentation, and our packaging designed for AME is no exception. 

The precision and attention to detail we put into every element of the design, coupled with our choice of only the highest quality materials, results in a truly sophisticated and refined product that reflects the exceptional standards of your brand.



Complete your custom jewelry packaging order with personalized bags, paper and ribbons

Once you have chosen your custom made jewelry packaging, you can combine it with a series of accessories to complete your coordinated image. To Be Packing’s custom jewelry packaging offer also includes:


  • Paper bags. Luxurious and refined shoppers that your customers will proudly show off once they’ll have acquired the precious purchase. These personalized jewelry packaging solutions can also be a good way for people to get to know you; by seeing your logo on these shoppers around the city, they’ll immediately know it’s you.



  • Poly jersey bags. Make clutch bags, bags and clutches with your logo to give as a gift or sell as an accessory to your customers.

  • Wrapping paper. Relief, tissue, parcel, laminated, metallic: to complete your personalized jewelry packaging order, you can choose the printed wrapping paper that best represents you and your precious business.



  • Ribbons. The icing on the cake of your custom jewelry packaging: our printed ribbons in satin, cotton, grosgrain or organza, all available in a wide variety of shades and heights.




To Be Packing: your custom jewelry packaging manufacturer

To Be Packing is an experienced custom jewelry packaging manufacturer who spreads the quality of Made in Italy around the world. Its high-quality, affordable and 100% customizable products are the best choice for those jewelries that want to stand out from their competitors with a unique style. Personalized jewelry packaging can make a difference in how a brand and its image is communicated and perceived from customers and, consequently, sales and revenues can considerably increase. Moreover, To Be Packing offers a 360-degree support to its customers with a qualified and specialized team that can assist every customer with the maximum attention: technicians and graphic designers work every day to increase functionality and aesthetic of every custom made jewelry packaging.


Trust To Be Packing for your custom jewelry packaging order: we ship to both the US and the UK!

With a custom jewelry packaging wholesale such as To Be Packing you can be sure that no detail of your personalized jewelry packaging is left to chance: our team of designers study every inch of your project with devotion and meticulousness, to offer you a unique, impeccable and high quality product. For any order, even for small quantities, you can count on speed and efficiency; our head office is in Italy, but we also have offices in the USA and we ship to both the United States and the United Kingdom, and worldwide.


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