Custom earring packaging

Are you looking for custom earring packaging for your jewelry? Here you will find our proposal: earring packaging customizable in shape, color, materials and details; you can enrich them by printing on the surface the graphic elements you want, such as your logo, the name of your store or special images. We ship to both the USA and the UK!





To give you an idea of the result you can obtain by requesting custom earring packaging by To Be Packing, we offer here some examples of our products:

  • The classic and always requested boxes
  • A complementary alternative like our pouches, both soft and rigid


The classic solution for your custom earring packaging: our cases

The journey among the custom earring packaging starts from here, from our cases, which represent the increasingly popular packaging format for jewelry. The reasons are different: the elegance of the shapes, the practicality of the closure, the preciousness of the materials.

Let yourself be inspired for your custom earring packaging with some of these lines:







GOLD. If you want a strong and durable custom earring packaging, GOLD, with its wooden structure and clean lines, is ideal for you. Then choose whether to cover it with fabric or other fine materials, the most suitable for your taste and your style.








SNAP. The name recalls the lively and attractive style of this case, characterized by the magnetic lid that ensures a perfect airtightness, and the interlocking construction that makes them extremely practical and easy to compose.






GIROTONDO. Your custom earring packaging can also have different shapes from the classic cubes or parallelepipeds; GIROTONDO, for example, has a round base. The sinuous, soft lines and the finesse of the details make it the perfect box for the jewels of great occasions.





ASTUCCIO 50. If there were a new generation of jewelry boxes, ASTUCCIO 50 would definitely be part of it. For your custom earring packaging, we offer you rounded corners, rounded surfaces, a compact shape and matching edges.



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A soft and enveloping alternative: customized earring pouches

If the box is not the one you are looking for for your custom earring packaging, the pouches are a valuable and valid alternative. Lightweight, practical, versatile and less demanding than the classic case, our pouches are available in a wide range: here are a few examples.




ANFORA. A clutch bag in the shape of a small amphora, wide at the bottom and narrow at the top. Essential but impressive packaging.










QUADRA. Radically different is QUADRA, ideal if you want a simple, versatile custom earring packaging, perfect for those who travel often. Geometric shape and minimal design make it a timeless product.








OPEN. As the name suggests, a clutch bag that opens completely in the center, allowing you to present the jewel contained without having to remove it from the bag. Excellent also as a travel idea.







FLOWER. If you want a custom earring packaging you have never seen before, this could be very inspiring. The wide fraying reminds of a flower with a thousand petals and creates a product with a romantic, distinctive style.







COMODO. Felt and clip button for a practical and easy pouch, ideal, for example, for earrings for young people.





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Here's how we design and build your custom earring packaging

These were just a few examples; from here, we can make your custom earring packaging by offering you all the variety of possible customizations. Alternatively, you can take advantage from the very beginning of our tailor-made design service: thanks to the multifaceted skills we have developed over the years, we are able to define the design of your custom earring packaging - and display - from scratch, choosing together with you the shapes, sizes, structure, materials, textures and colors.

We take care of everything internally, covering all the phases of creation up to the shipment, which is available both in the U.S. and in the United Kingdom, because the artisanship of Made in Italy has no boundaries!


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