Custom jewelry boxes

Looking for custom jewelry boxes? To Be Packing produces boxes and packaging of value, to enhance your jewelry with the quality of Made in Italy.


Your jewelry is too precious to be stored in any box. We make custom jewelry boxes for shape, color and material, able to properly enhance your most important objects. We ship to both the USA and the UK!

We are an Italian company specialized in the design and creation of custom jewelry boxes. Thanks to the highly skilled labor and the entirely Italian production, we offer you the high quality and design typical of the best Made in Italy.

Custom made jewelry boxes can be of two types:

  • Boxes for classic jewelry,
  • Custom envelopes, soft or rigid.


The perfect box for your jewelry? To Be Packing custom jewelry boxes wholesale is at your service!

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To Be Packing custom made jewelry boxes lines

Imagine looking at a window with banal displays, which you have already seen in dozens of other stores, would you be tempted to choose your next jewel? Custom made jewelry boxes allow you to enhance the strengths of your brand, to show at a glance the value of your products.

Let yourself be inspired by some of our standard jewelry boxes:




GOLD. A touch of class for anyone looking for custom made jewelry boxes with a clean and elegant style, able to express at first glance a comforting sense of security and solidity. Their structure is made of wood  and covered with different options of materials, such as Velvet that can enhance the charm of the product adding an extra touch of class.






GIROTONDO. The round base of this line gives you an image of how our custom jewelry boxes can have different shapes from the classic parallelepipeds, to give further value to the aesthetic lines of your brand. It is a fully customizable product thanks to the wide availability of colors and materials. If you want to realize a sophisticate and prestigious jewelry box you can choose Velvet and Nappan, the finest materials.






ASTUCCIO 50. Simple and functional, ASTUCCIO 50 is able to mitigate the squared lines of the package with soft and delicate corners. This custom made jewelry box is made of wood and coverede with fine fabrics such as Velvet and Burkana: unique details which can enhance the value of yuour jewelry. This line includes boxes for rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.







PARIGINO. This line is designed for those who want to make a romantic gift. Thanks to the soft and sinuous design with vintage references, PARIGINO is able to give life to a satisfying sensory mix that enhances the content. Choose this custom made jewelry boxes if you want to realize an extremely sophisticated packaging with a unique and timeless style.



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Custom jewelry boxes elements

We give you the opportunity to choose between different elements to create custom made jewelry boxes that can express all the value that lies within them. For objects of high aesthetic value is necessary a coordinated image, inside and outside the jewelry.

Packing material

Our custom jewelry boxes are made from high quality wood or hardboard.


Our custom made jewelry boxes are covered with different materials such as Pellaq, Setalux, similvelluto, Sirio, Crocco, cotton or wood effect paper.




You can choose from different shapes and sizes to suit your shop window. In addition, you can request a layout design studio, which allows you to create a perfect packaging for each collection.

Personalized ribbons, shoppers and paper

Your custom jewelry boxes can be combined with ribbons, shoppers and personalized paper of various types to enhance your brand identity.


Custom jewelry boxes: wholesale and retail

Here at To Be Packing we pack your dreams and ship them all over the world; we make custom jewelry boxes wholesale and guarantee shipments to both the USA and the UK!


Enhance your collection with custom jewelry boxes

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  • Exclusive design
  • Personalization also for low quantities.
  • Quick production and delivery
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